Olly Murs Tearfully Shares Tragic Loss on 'The Voice'


Olly Murs Tearfully Shares Tragic Loss on 'The Voice'
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In an unexpectedly poignant moment on "The Voice UK," chart-topping artist Olly Murs shared a heartfelt connection with contestant Sheridan Coldstream during an emotionally charged audition that aired on Saturday night. The scene unfolded as Coldstream, a vocal and confidence coach, delivered a stirring performance of "Listen Before I Go" by Billie Eilish, touching on the delicate subject of suicide.

Murs, captivated by Coldstream's haunting interpretation, turned his chair in a show of support, only to learn the deeper meaning behind the selection post-performance.

Vulnerability Meets Voice

Coldstream, who has previously volunteered for a suicide prevention hotline, described his approach to mentoring aspiring singers as intertwined with encouraging emotional openness and vulnerability.

Murs, in response to the song's profound message and Coldstream's disclosure, was visibly affected, particularly by the lyric "tell your friends that I love them," which triggered a personal chord. The emotion was palpable as Murs, pausing with heavy sentiment, confessed, "It just hit me, and I got quite emotional actually.

I just went with my feeling in my heart." His breakdown on stage revealed a tender side of the usually upbeat performer, as he hinted at the personal anguish over a friend's suicide without delving into specific details. The loss he referred to is believed to be that of his close friend Caroline Flack, the beloved television presenter whose life ended in tragedy in February 2020.

As fellow coach Anne Marie provided comfort, Murs's vulnerability underscored the show's often overlooked capacity for profound human connection beyond the glitz of performance. "I lost a good friend to suicide a few years back," Murs shared through tears, alluding to the depth of his grief.

In the aftermath, Murs expressed an enduring appreciation for the experience, acknowledging the need for personal healing and dialogue on mental health issues. "It hit me. I think there’s a lot of stuff I haven’t dealt with that I need to talk about.

Sheridan walked into my life, and maybe I need that," he reflected. This tender exchange not only highlights "The Voice UK" as a platform for extraordinary vocal talent but also as a space where stories unfold, emotions are shared, and the music becomes a bridge to understanding complex and deeply personal struggles.