James Haskell Linked with Blonde DJ Pre-Chloe Madeley Split?

Chloe Madeley confronts post-split revelations of Haskell's Ibiza dinners

by Zain ul Abedin
James Haskell Linked with Blonde DJ Pre-Chloe Madeley Split?
© John Phillips/Getty Images

Before his split with Chloe Madeley was public knowledge, James Haskell, the former England rugby star, was reportedly seen in the company of a blonde DJ, sparking rumors and raising questions about the timing of his new romance.

The DJ in question, Chloe McLennan, shared an intimate dinner with Haskell at the renowned Casa Maca restaurant in Ibiza. This spot holds sentimental value for Madeley and Haskell alike. The revelation of this dinner comes amidst reports of Haskell being spotted partying with McLennan on the same island, mere weeks before he and Madeley announced their separation.

This news has reportedly left Madeley, 36, feeling betrayed and deeply hurt, especially as the photo evidence of Haskell's closeness with McLennan surfaced.

Madeley's Heartbreak Revealed

A close friend of Madeley's shared with The Sun that discovering the dinner at Casa Maca, a place steeped in personal significance for the couple, was a particularly harsh blow for her.

"She was really angry with James and very hurt," the source conveyed, highlighting the emotional turmoil following the split. The couple, who share a one-year-old son named Bodhi, parted ways in September after a five-year marriage.

The recent developments have led Madeley to fear that Haskell's summer activities in Ibiza, where he was DJing, may have included romantic liaisons with McLennan and potentially others. "She's now wondering who else he was going out with," the source disclosed, suggesting a ripple of distrust and uncertainty following the breakup.

This news has caught the attention of their fans and the public, as the couple had previously been viewed as a strong partnership, often sharing glimpses of their life and family on social media. The timing of these events and the choice of venue for Haskell's dinner with McLennan are particularly poignant, given the couple's history with the restaurant and the island's party scene.