Stanley Simons Sings 'HSM' to Zac Efron on 'Iron Claw' Set

Actors Find Harmony in Wrestling Drama's Behind-the-Scenes Fun

by Zain ul Abedin
Stanley Simons Sings 'HSM' to Zac Efron on 'Iron Claw' Set
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In an exclusive interview with People Magazine at the star-studded Dallas premiere of "The Iron Claw," Stanley Simons shared delightful anecdotes from the set of the anticipated sports drama thriller. Simons and Efron, who portray the wrestling duo Mike and Kevin Von Erich, brought more than physical prowess to their roles; they also shared a camaraderie that echoed with musical nostalgia.

Simons, a rising talent, couldn't resist the opportunity to pay homage to Efron's Disney heritage by breaking into tunes from "High School Musical," the franchise that catapulted Efron to fame. "I sang a bit of 'Breaking Free' during a music scene with Zac.

It's one of those moments you know you'll remember forever," Simons shared, reflecting on the surreal experience of working alongside an actor who was part of his childhood. The playful banter extended to their time in the wrestling ring, with Simons quipping, "I got to get my head in the game," a nod to the memorable "High School Musical" number that became a catchphrase for a generation.

Efron, embracing the spirit of the moment, playfully challenged Simons to perfect his performance. "He'd tease, 'You're not hitting it,' and I'd try again. I think I finally nailed it," Simons recounted with a laugh.

Simons & Efron's Bond

Despite the light-hearted moments, Simons admitted to feeling the pressure of sharing the screen with Efron, whose career has spanned various genres and critical acclaim.

Yet, the warmth and guidance from the seasoned actor and the rest of the cast eased his nerves, allowing him to deliver a performance that he hopes will resonate with audiences. As "The Iron Claw" prepares to grapple with box office expectations, the off-screen brotherhood between Simons and Efron is a testament to the film's heartfelt narrative.

Their on-set chemistry is sure to translate into compelling storytelling, capturing the trials and triumphs of the Von Erich legacy. This blend of on-set fun and professional respect between co-stars is not just a recipe for an engaging work environment but also for a film that promises depth, drama, and the enduring allure of family bonds strengthened through adversity.

As the film hits theaters, fans of both actors and the wrestling world alike are in for a cinematic treat that tackles the complexities of legacy and the lightness of youth with equal aplomb.

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