Actor Barton Cowperthwaite's Cancer Fight

Ballet star faces health challenge with grace and community support.

by Nouman Rasool
Actor Barton Cowperthwaite's Cancer Fight
© Eugene Gologursky/GettyImages

Barton Cowperthwaite, recognized for his role in the Netflix series "Tiny Pretty Things," has made a personal health revelation to his fans: he's been diagnosed with brain cancer. The accomplished actor and dancer announced on November 10 via Instagram that he faces a challenging journey ahead with a scheduled surgery for his stage 2 glioma—a type of brain tumor that originates within the brain itself and hasn't spread from elsewhere in the body.

Cowperthwaite, 31, shared a glimpse of his reality with a photo in a hospital gown, accompanied by brain scan images, revealing the sizeable tumor in his brain. The prognosis, according to his doctors, is cautiously optimistic; they believe they can remove most of the tumor and anticipate a successful recovery.

The actor humorously assured his followers that post-surgery and rehab, he'll return to his "amazing, talented, brilliant, hilarious" self, albeit with regular scans and check-ups as a part of his ongoing care.

Courageous Health Journey

In a demonstration of resilience and transparency, Cowperthwaite has promised to keep his social media followers updated throughout his recovery process.

He's also expressed his intention to seek second opinions to inform his path forward. His openness about his condition has spurred a wave of support from his "Tiny Pretty Things" co-stars, with heartfelt messages pouring in from the likes of Casimere Jollette, Michael Hsu Rosen, and Brennan Clost, among others, who have offered encouragement and love.

Cowperthwaite's candid discussion about his symptoms—seizures over two months leading to emergency room visits, CT scans, and an MRI that discovered the tumor—highlights the abruptness with which life can change and the importance of medical awareness.

The day following his announcement, Cowperthwaite shared more about his experiences, noting the seizures' severity and his gratitude for the medical team's prompt action in identifying the glioma. He reflected on the support he's received, emphasizing the strength drawn from friends and fans alike, who've rallied behind him in a chorus of support.

Sophie Thoerner, Cowperthwaite's fiancée, whom he proposed to in July, has also spoken publicly about his diagnosis, praising his bravery and optimism. Her heartfelt posts illustrate the bond they share, underscoring the emotional aspect of Cowperthwaite's journey as they face this challenge together.

Thoerner's words, describing their profound connection and her wish to shield him from his plight, resonate with anyone who has witnessed a loved one in a battle against illness.