Shocking Details Emerge in Keke Palmer's Restraining Order Against Ex!


Shocking Details Emerge in Keke Palmer's Restraining Order Against Ex!
Shocking Details Emerge in Keke Palmer's Restraining Order Against Ex! © Getty Images Entertainment/Leon Bennet

The recent news involving actress Keke Palmer, her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson, and their young son has sent ripples through the entertainment community. This development, detailed by an informed source to PEOPLE, reveals a complex and challenging situation that has emerged from what appeared to be a stable relationship.

A Public Facade of Amicability

Keke Palmer, known for her role in "Nope," took legal action against Jackson in Los Angeles, seeking a domestic violence restraining order and full custody of their 8-month-old son, Leodis.

The documents allege multiple instances of physical abuse, marking a stark contrast to their public persona. The source, close to the couple, expressed surprise at these developments, recalling their recent public appearance at an event for Palmer's streaming network, KeyTV.

"The baby was there, everybody. Darius went to support her, they were all congratulating her,” the source shared. However, beneath the surface, the relationship had its challenges. The couple, who met in 2021 at a party hosted by Issa Rae and Diddy, experienced ups and downs, including a notable breakup before the publicized Vegas incident in July, where Palmer was serenaded by Usher.

Jackson's subsequent public criticism of Palmer's outfit on social media, stating, "It's the outfit tho.. you a mom," hinted at underlying tensions.

Behind Closed Doors

The source suggests that these public incidents were not isolated, but rather symptoms of deeper issues in their relationship.

"I don’t think the Vegas incident caused all of this. There were problems before, but I do think it was the beginning of the end,” they explained. In response to Jackson's social media post, Palmer's fans rallied in her defense.

Although the couple never fully addressed the situation publicly, Palmer humorously participated in Usher's music video for "Boyfriend" and later posted a video with Jackson on her 30th birthday, indicating some reconciliation.

"There was some genuine love there," the source added, noting that around the birth of their son, the couple seemed to be in a good place. Palmer herself has spoken about the need to protect her privacy more fiercely, a sentiment that seems more relevant now than ever.