Travis Barker Drums to Newborn Son's Heartbeat

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker welcome a new baby boy

by Zain ul Abedin
Travis Barker Drums to Newborn Son's Heartbeat
© Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Rockstar Travis Barker has found a harmonious way to welcome his newborn into the world by doing what he does best—drumming. In a video that has since captivated his fans, Barker can be seen on his Instagram stories skillfully drumming to the vital rhythm of his newborn son's heartbeat.

This intimate act of fatherly love has showcased Barker's musical prowess and his deep connection to his newborn child. Now a talking point for fans and followers, the clip displays Barker's tattooed hands in action as they skillfully play on a drum pad.

The pad, designed to mimic the low bass tones of a drum, perfectly echoes the heartbeat of his son, creating a symphony of life and beats that is both innovative and touching. The timing of the video's release is significant, coming on the heels of reports that Barker's wife, Kourtney Kardashian, has recently given birth.

The child, who the couple has indicated will be named Rocky, represents the blending of their families and the start of a new life together. The video's release has sparked a flurry of interest, with fans eager to learn more about the newborn and the family's experiences during these early days.

Rocky's Joyful Arrival

Travis Barker, at 37, is embracing fatherhood once again with the arrival of Rocky. He brings experience, being a father to Landon and Alabama, his children with ex-wife Shanna Moakler. Kourtney Kardashian, too, is a seasoned parent with three children from her relationship with Scott Disick.

The birth of Rocky is a joyous occasion for the couple, who have been open about their lives and have shared their parenting journey with the public. Sources close to the Kardashian-Barker family have conveyed that Kourtney is "overjoyed" with the new addition to her family.

The sentiment was echoed by an insider who spoke to People magazine, revealing that Kardashian is savoring every moment with her baby boy and feels incredibly "blessed." The press noted the family's departure from the hospital, though it remains unconfirmed whether Rocky has come home or is still under medical supervision.

This uncertainty has only heightened the anticipation for more news among their global fan base. Travis Barker's drumming video is more than just a viral clip; it's a heartfelt expression of a father's love for his child, set against the universal backdrop of music.

It's a reminder of the powerful bond between parent and child and the new dimensions of life that such a bond can inspire. As the family navigates the early days of this new chapter, the world watches with interest, offering their congratulations and looking forward to more inspiring moments from the Kardashian-Barker household.

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