Dua Lipa's Bold Career Shift: Strategic Moves for Financial Empowerment


Dua Lipa's Bold Career Shift: Strategic Moves for Financial Empowerment
Dua Lipa's Bold Career Shift: Strategic Moves for Financial Empowerment © Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images Entertainment

Dua Lipa is on her way to becoming the wealthiest British female pop star after parting ways with her longtime management company. The 28-year-old singer not only cut ties with her former management company TaP but also acquired full ownership of her song catalog, marking a significant strategic move in her career.

In a strategic shift, Dua has entrusted her father, businessman Dukagjin Lipa, with all managerial responsibilities. This decision, fueled by a desire for greater control over her career, has set the stage for potential billionaire status, with the formation of Radical 22 Publishing Limited to handle commercial assets.

The father-daughter duo is now official business partners, a move that aims to maximize Dua's earnings and secure her financial future.

Dukagjin Lipa

Dukagjin Lipa, taking on the role of her manager, was motivated by the belief that Dua was giving away too much of her earnings.

The decision to become business partners was a natural progression, with Dukagjin committed to acting in the best interests of his daughter. Previously, Dua Lipa's arrangement with TaP involved the company receiving approximately 20 percent of her income.

With her father's support, Dua is reclaiming control over her earnings, signaling a new chapter in her flourishing career. It's worth noting that Dua Lipa's collaboration with TaP began in 2013 when executive director Ben Mawson discovered her in a London cocktail bar.

As we said before, TaP Music Publishing and Lipa have been working together for 10 years before they realized it was time to say goodbye to each other. Lipa now wants to build a career in a different direction and earn even more money.

Many consider this a great move by Dua Lipa.
TaP said: “We wish Dua all the best for the future”. Anna Neville, co-president of TaP Music, continued: “This is an exciting time for our publishing company — we are expanding our services and teams globally and continue to add talented writers and artists to our already stellar roster”.

Dua Lipa