Mattman: The Legacy of Matthew Perry's Last Words

Perry's Passionate Homage to Batman's Iconic Legacy.

by Nouman Rasool
Mattman: The Legacy of Matthew Perry's Last Words
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In his final Instagram update, Matthew Perry referred to himself as "Mattman," a moniker he had affectionately adopted over the years. Before his unexpected passing nearly two weeks ago, Perry had been cultivating the "Mattman" persona, conceiving it not just as a playful sobriquet but as a central figure in an autobiographical creative venture.

Perry, best known for his role on the hit television series "Friends," was reportedly working on developing this superhero alter ego when he discussed it with filmmaker Adam McKay during the production of the Netflix movie "Don’t Look Up" in 2020, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The concept centered on a 50-year-old celebrity named Matt—strikingly similar to Perry himself—who, despite fame, finds his personal life in disarray until an inheritance of $2 billion gives him a new purpose to transform into a crime-fighting force.

Mattman's Batcave Legacy

This narrative was an homage to Perry's adored comic book hero, Batman, and paralleled his own life, wherein Perry had acquired a luxurious residence dubbed a "mansion in the sky." This abode, worth an estimated $20 million and sprawling over 10,000 square feet, boasted a private "batcave" for his extensive collection of DC Universe artifacts.

Perry's enthusiasm for the caped crusader was evident in his social media presence, which often showcased his fondness for the character. McKay found Perry's concept intriguing, primarily for the personal insight it offered into Perry's experiences, particularly his publicized struggles with addiction.

The director even suggested focusing the project on how Perry's challenges had inadvertently equipped him with the "superpower" of helping others achieve sobriety. However, Perry steered away from a narrative too closely mirroring his real-life battles with addiction, opting not to proceed with that angle.

Despite abandoning the project, "Mattman" remained a significant aspect of Perry's identity, demonstrated by his allusion to the character in what would be his last words to the public. His final post, cryptically speaking to the comforting qualities of warm water, ended with a characteristic quip: "I'm Mattman."

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