Katy Perry's Initial Win in $15M Home Case Adjacent to Royals

Perry's court success solidifies her Montecito home acquisition.

by Nouman Rasool
Katy Perry's Initial Win in $15M Home Case Adjacent to Royals
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Pop superstar Katy Perry and her fiancé, actor Orlando Bloom, have secured a legal victory in the preliminary stage of their litigation over a coveted $15 million estate in Montecito, California, where royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also reside.

The court provisionally ruled on Wednesday, November 8, that the seller, Carl Westcott, was legally competent when he finalized the sale of his property to Perry and Bloom in 2020, despite Westcott's subsequent claims of mental incapacity aiming to void the transaction.

In the wake of a detailed examination of the sale process, which included extensive negotiations, the judge dismissed Westcott's assertions due to a lack of convincing evidence supporting his incapacity at the time of the sale.

According to the court's tentative decision, which is expected to be finalized after a 10-day period, Westcott's allegations did not withstand the scrutiny of legal standards required to overturn such a contract.

Perry's Legal Victory

Eric Rowen, representing Perry, expressed satisfaction with the court's stance, emphasizing that the judgment vindicated the transaction's legitimacy.

Rowen's statement to the media highlighted that Westcott’s attempt to retract the agreement was unfounded and purely a case of buyer's remorse after a profitable deal. He also indicated the team's eagerness to conclude the dispute in the upcoming damages trial slated for mid-February, unless an earlier resolution occurs.

While Carl Westcott's son, Chart Westcott, expressed respect for the court's ruling, albeit with a pointed critique over clerical errors, he also hinted at the ongoing complexities of the case, particularly concerning the testimonies on potential rental income loss and other financial impacts claimed by Perry.

The backstory of the property's sale is as dramatic as the celebrities involved. Carl Westcott, who was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease, a debilitating neurological condition, in 2015, purchased the Montecito home for $11.25 million.

Two months later, he sold it to Perry and Bloom at a significant profit, only to experience seller’s regret almost immediately, exacerbated by health issues and surgical recovery. Perry and Bloom, who planned to raise their daughter Daisy Dove in the serene surroundings of Montecito, emphasized the home's unique qualities in heartfelt communications with Westcott, underscoring their anticipation of creating lasting family memories within its walls.

The court case, however, took a contentious turn as Perry countersued Westcott, seeking damages exceeding $5 million for the financial setbacks attributed to the disrupted sale, including lost rental income and the expenses incurred while searching for alternative housing.

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