Irina Shayk on Co-Parenting with Bradley Cooper

Exploring a model's balance of work and motherhood.

by Nouman Rasool
Irina Shayk on Co-Parenting with Bradley Cooper
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Supermodel Irina Shayk recently opened up about her cooperative co-parenting approach with actor Bradley Cooper for their daughter, Lea. In a candid conversation with Elle magazine, Shayk highlighted the successful balance she and Cooper maintain to prioritize family amid their demanding careers.

Despite their split, the pair have a unified mission to provide stability and normalcy for their six-year-old. Shayk, 27, shared that flexibility and mutual commitment are the key ingredients to their parenting recipe. "We always find a way," Shayk affirmed in her Nov.

8 interview. Cooper, she revealed, is "the best father" and together they have mastered the art of synchronization for Lea's sake, stating, "It always works because we make it work." The Russian-born model also gave insight into Lea's life, which, unlike her childhood, is filled with glamour and global travel.

Yet, Shayk and Cooper strive to instill humble values in her. "She's growing up with a lot of travel and exposure to the fashion world, but we're teaching her the importance of hard work," Shayk said.

Lea's Co-Parenting Glimpse

Their co-parenting strategies include sharing their lifestyle with Lea in practical ways.

The youngster is often seen accompanying her mother on professional engagements, such as gym visits and fashion fittings. Lea's adaptability was evident when she contentedly drew pictures while her mother worked out and later mingled with models at a Michael Kors fitting, where she received a gift from the designer himself—a gesture she returned with a hand-drawn kitty cat.

Shayk spoke fondly of the special moments their family shares, including a holiday trip that featured Cooper on her social media, showcasing their friendly rapport post-split. This harmony stands in stark contrast to the discretion Shayk exercises over her personal life, evidenced by her tight-lipped response regarding rumors of a summer fling with football legend Tom Brady: "No comment." Resolute about separating her professional and private spheres, Shayk asserted her choice to keep her personal life under wraps, a decision she feels entitled to as a public figure.

She expressed her philosophy with a straightforward declaration: "I share work-related updates because I choose to keep my personal life to myself—that’s the essence of privacy."

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