Dave Myers Gives an Update on Cancer Treatment

Culinary Duo's Bond Strengthens Amid Health Struggles.

by Nouman Rasool
Dave Myers Gives an Update on Cancer Treatment
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In an emotional revelation on BBC Breakfast, Dave Myers, the beloved Hairy Bikers celebrity chef, shared a heartwarming anecdote about his battle with cancer and the support he's received from his long-time friend and co-star, Si King.

Dave Myers, who publicly disclosed his cancer diagnosis in May of last year, opened up about the comfort he found in King's thoughtful gesture during a challenging time. The 66-year-old culinary icon, renowned for his adventurous spirit and hearty cooking on the motorcycle-themed show, recounted a particularly tough day when King stepped in with more than just moral support.

He arrived at Myers' home with a homemade batch of mince and dumplings, a dish that holds a special place in Dave Myers' heart. "He does it properly," Myers fondly recalled, describing the perfect texture of the dumplings, soft at the bottom with a crusty top, paired with creamy mashed potatoes.

This quintessential comfort meal brought solace and a taste of normalcy.

Friendship Beyond Food

The gesture went beyond a single meal; Dave Myers expressed his gratitude for a freezer stocked with these lovingly prepared dishes, a testament to King's friendship and support.

When probed about his current health status, Dave Myers responded with cautious optimism. "I'm doing all right," he said, maintaining a brave face. "I'm still having treatment, but everything seems stable." This touching story of camaraderie and resilience resonates with the duo's fans, who have followed their culinary escapades for years.

As Myers continues his treatment, the bond between the two chefs serves as a reminder of the power of friendship and the comfort that can be found in the simple act of sharing a meal. The Hairy Bikers community, a vast network of followers and food enthusiasts, stands in solidarity with Myers, sending well wishes and hopes for a stable recovery as he navigates this personal health journey.