Stars Align with Prince William at Earthshot Prize Gala in Singapore

Innovation shines at Earthshot with major environmental grants awarded.

by Nouman Rasool
Stars Align with Prince William at Earthshot Prize Gala in Singapore
© Jordan Pettitt - Pool/Getty Images

In a dazzling display of environmental advocacy mingled with star power, the lush cityscape of Singapore played host to the Earthshot Prize awards ceremony. This illustrious event, steered by Britain's Prince William, rolled out its green carpet on Tuesday, welcoming a constellation of celebrities to celebrate the innovative strides taken in combating climate change.

Amidst the tropical climes of Asia, a first for the event, the Prince of Wales heralded the pioneering efforts of 15 finalists, suggesting that amidst the looming threats of climate change, there remained a bastion of hope.

The evening was graced by the luminous presence of Oscar laureate Cate Blanchett, actors Donnie Yen, Lana Condor, and Nomzamo Mbatha, joined by Australian environmental custodian Robert Irwin. Their task: to present the accolades to five visionary groups, each aimed at a distinct environmental challenge.

Earthshot's Million-Pound Impact

The Earthshot Prize, a beacon of environmental ingenuity, bestowed upon its winners a hefty 1 million pounds each. These funds are earmarked to bolster initiatives ranging from Andean forest restoration by Acción Andina to the groundbreaking carbon-credit marketplace by Boomitra, which promises to elevate the livelihoods of farmers across continents.

The ceremony's triumphs did not solely belong to the victors. Each of the 15 finalists, selected from an extensive pool of over 1,100 aspirants, is set to receive a comprehensive support package, nurturing their projects to fruition over the coming year.

The Earthshot council, a distinguished assembly including Queen Rania of Jordan, entrepreneur Jack Ma, and the venerable David Attenborough, lent their expertise to the meticulous selection process. Their choices reflected a global call to action, resonating with Prince William's assertion that creative spirit and change are omnipresent forces.

The event also spotlighted groundbreaking work from the finalists, such as pioneering textile recycling in the U.S., combating deforestation in Sierra Leone, and clearing the smog-choked skies of Poland. Conceived in 2020 by the Royal Foundation as a decade-long initiative, the Earthshot Prize seeks to rally the world's brightest minds to fend off ecological threats.

In a nod to the event's sustainability ethos, the Prince donned a decade-old Alexander McQueen blazer, while celebrities like Donnie Yen and Nomzamo Mbatha showcased environmentally-conscious fashion. The gala, emceed by Hannah Waddingham and Sterling K.

Brown, featured performances by OneRepublic, Bastille, and Bebe Rexha, adding a note of celebration to the evening's urgent environmental dialogue. Distinguished attendees, including Singaporean dignitaries and former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, underscored the urgency of the climate cause.

With the COP28 U.N. climate change summit on the horizon, and a forthcoming address by King Charles III, the Earthshot Prize ceremony was more than a celebration—it was a clarion call for swift, decisive action against the greatest threat of our time.

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