Hollywood Actors Union Clashes with Studios Over AI Terms

SAG-AFTRA stands firm on future-proofing actors' careers.

by Nouman Rasool
Hollywood Actors Union Clashes with Studios Over AI Terms
© Mario Tama/Getty Images

n a notable development amid ongoing labor disputes, the Screen Actors Guild?American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) has firmly stated its commitment to obtaining an equitable contract from Hollywood studios.

This comes as the latest proposals from the entertainment giants fail to address key concerns, prolonging a strike that has already spanned a considerable four months. On Monday, November 6, the union, representing a multitude of performers in the entertainment industry, voiced its dissatisfaction with the current offer on the table.

Despite extensive negotiations, a mutual understanding on several vital points remains elusive. Among the unresolved issues is the burgeoning question of how artificial intelligence will be utilized within the industry—a subject of increasing importance as technology advances.

Union Seeks Sustainable Deal

The SAG-AFTRA negotiating team has expressed its unwavering resolve to secure a deal that not only addresses immediate concerns but also safeguards the long-term sustainability of acting careers.

With the rapid evolution of the digital landscape, particularly in the realm of streaming services, the union is pushing for enhanced compensation and firmer protections against the potentially disruptive impact of AI on the profession.

The impasse has its roots in July when union members first abandoned their roles, taking a stand for better pay aligned with the profits of the booming streaming market. Moreover, the demand for clear-cut guidelines on AI usage underscores the union’s anticipation of future industry shifts and its dedication to member welfare.

In a statement released to its members via X, the platform previously recognized as Twitter, SAG-AFTRA underscored the crucial juncture at which the entertainment industry finds itself.

The message was clear: a fair and forward-looking contract is imperative for ensuring that the path of professional acting remains viable in an era of unprecedented technological change. As negotiations continue, the entertainment community watches closely, understanding that the outcome of these talks will set a precedent for how artists are valued and protected in the rapidly evolving digital age.