Travis Barker's Affection for Rocky George Inspires Son's Name

Barker-Kardashian duo unveils their newborn's unconventional name

by Zain ul Abedin
Travis Barker's Affection for Rocky George Inspires Son's Name
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Travis Barker, iconic drummer for punk-rock band Blink-182, and reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian have chosen a unique name for their newborn son, much to the delight of fans. On a recent episode of the "One Life One Chance" podcast, Barker revealed that the name "Rocky 13" has been selected for their child, a decision influenced by Barker's admiration for musician Rocky George and his fondness for the number thirteen.

The choice of a baby name often reflects a blend of personal meaning and cultural significance, and the case of Travis and Kourtney's son is no exception. Barker has previously hinted at his preference for this name, suggesting it in a game segment during an episode of Complex Magazine's "GOAT Talk," alongside his daughter Alabama, from his previous marriage to Shanna Moakler.

Despite his daughter's playful criticism of the name, Barker's choice signifies a deep personal resonance. Barker has been vocal about his reasons for favoring the name "Rocky 13." He credits Rocky George, the influential guitarist of the band Suicidal Tendencies, as an inspiration, while hailing the number thirteen for its cultural prominence, which includes its association with legendary boxing films.

Barker's connection to the number also aligns with the superstitious allure surrounding it, reclaiming it as a symbol of greatness.

Naming the Barker Heir

The news about the naming surfaced when Barker shared the backstory of "Rocky 13" during a discussion on the aforementioned podcast, aired on October 20, 2023.

The revelation followed an earlier tease in July, during the GOAT talk segment, which first introduced the possibility of the name to the public. Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, who have individually captivated audiences through music and television, have jointly piqued the curiosity of their followers with their baby naming journey.

By selecting "Rocky Thirteen Barker," they have successfully woven their interests and inspirations into their son's identity, which will undoubtedly add to the narrative of their family's growing legacy. This fresh addition to the Barker-Kardashian family narrative not only highlights the personal importance of the name but also ensures a connection to cultural touchstones.

As their story unfolds publicly, the name "Rocky 13" may well become as iconic as its bearers' already well-established names. With its strong connotations and distinctive backstory, the name is a testament to the couple's shared values and the legacy they envision for their son.

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