Tom Sandoval Claims Ariana Madix Stripped His Necklace in Scandal

Reality stars' romance sparks with controversial jewelry exchange.

by Nouman Rasool
Tom Sandoval Claims Ariana Madix Stripped His Necklace in Scandal
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In a sensational twist to a reality TV scandal, Tom Sandoval has accused his ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix of forcefully taking his lightning-bolt necklace—an item that became a symbol of his more recent, controversial romance with co-star Raquel Leviss.

The necklace incident has stirred further interest in the trio's public drama following Tom and Ariana's tumultuous split after nine years together. The "Vanderpump Rules" star was candid about the missing necklace, a staple in his signature look, during his appearance at BravoCon in Las Vegas.

Sandoval suggested to E! News that Madix was responsible for the necklace's disappearance, insinuating that it was 'ripped' from his neck during their acrimonious breakup. This claim has added fuel to the fiery narrative that's unfolded since Madix uncovered Sandoval's affair with Leviss, a plot twist shaking the reality series' fanbase.

Necklace Symbolizes Affair

To mark their newfound relationship, Leviss had given Sandoval a matching lightning bolt pendant, which fans speculated symbolized their hidden affair—a fact that didn't sit well with viewers aware of Leviss and Madix's onscreen camaraderie.

This romantic gesture has been cast in a contentious light amid the latest allegations and Sandoval's decision to replace the original piece with a distinctive white gold version, moving away from the yellow gold of the original that Leviss had mirrored.

Adding to the intrigue, a muscle-bound face-off happened on "Vanderpump Rules" between Sandoval and fellow series star DJ James Kennedy, who is also Leviss's ex-fiancé. The push-up contest turned heads and dominated social media conversation, especially a TikTok clip showing Kennedy outdoing Sandoval in a physical show-off, highlighting the competitive spirit between the men once united by affection for the same woman.

While the former flames flexed their fitness, Ariana Madix kept her composure and attention off the macho display. Her stoic demeanor amidst the unfolding chaos has only served to heighten the anticipation for upcoming episodes, as viewers speculate how the reality stars will navigate the aftermath of their interlaced romantic escapades.

This real-life drama has captivated audiences far beyond the scope of the show, cementing its place in trending topics and ensuring that the saga remains a hot subject for discussion across entertainment platforms. The ongoing coverage of Sandoval, Madix, and Leviss's story provides a gripping tale of love, betrayal, and reality television gold, poised to engage viewers and dominate ratings for the foreseeable future.