Abigail Breslin Sued for Contract Breach Amid On-Set Clash with Co-Star Aaron Eckhart

Film's Fate Uncertain Amid Breslin-Eckhart On-Set Tensions and Lawsuit.

by Nouman Rasool
Abigail Breslin Sued for Contract Breach Amid On-Set Clash with Co-Star Aaron Eckhart
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The production team behind the much-anticipated spy thriller, "Classified," has taken legal action against its leading lady, Abigail Breslin, for alleged contract violations. The dispute, which has placed an $80,000 strain on the film's budget, emanates from Breslin's charges against her co-star, Aaron Eckhart, alleging unprofessional conduct on set.

The legal documents, filed at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, spotlight the escalating tension that has reportedly jeopardized the film's schedule and financial prospects. Entertainment Tonight has unveiled court documents revealing that Breslin, known for her breakout role in "Little Miss Sunshine," has accused Eckhart, 55, of aggressive and demeaning behavior during filming.

The former "Scream Queens" star escalated the matter to the Screen Actors Guild with a letter detailing her allegations and expressing concerns for her safety.

Production Halt Crisis

The suit outlines the gravity of the situation, asserting that production nearly came to a halt due to the need for "costly accommodations" to address Breslin's reluctance to film scenes alone with Eckhart.

Moreover, a producer identified as "Mr. Georgiev" in the legal filings has dismissed the accusations as unfounded after an internal investigation. The complaint further elaborates on the impact of the discord, highlighting significant delays and potential breaches of distribution agreements due to the duo's lack of shared screen time in crucial scenes.

The fallout continues with claims that Breslin has not finalized her official contract, linking her signing to a $35,000 payment demand. Her withholding of the signature threatens not only the movie's distribution deals but also a crucial tax credit from Malta, where "Classified" was filmed.

The lawsuit represents a challenging chapter for Breslin, whose previous collaborations with Eckhart, including the 2007 romantic comedy "No Reservations," stood in stark contrast to the current controversy. The film, which also features Tim Roth, centers on a CIA hitman who parses the classified ads to find targets and simultaneously seeks to reconnect with his grown daughter, a role undertaken by Breslin.

This legal wrangle promises to cast a long shadow over the release and reception of "Classified," which had been poised to add a gripping new entry to the espionage genre. As the case unfolds, industry watchers are keenly awaiting the resolution of this behind-the-scenes drama that has spilled into the public eye, affecting the future of what was slated to be a highlight release of the year.