Prince Harry Eyes UK Return Amid Reveal of Meghan's Strategy

Expert Sheds Light on Prince Harry's Life in US

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry Eyes UK Return Amid Reveal of Meghan's Strategy
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As the story of Prince Harry’s possible yearning for home soil gains traction, there are murmurs of a deeper strategy at play, reportedly orchestrated by his wife, Meghan Markle. According to royal commentators, the Duchess of Suss*x may have a nuanced gameplan that some believe is steering Harry away from his British roots and relationships.

The conversation was recently stoked by royal expert Phil Dampier's comments to GB News, as reported by the Daily Express, suggesting the Duke of Suss*x is experiencing isolation after his move to California. A source close to Dampier disclosed that Harry feels the pangs of solitude, fueling speculation about his happiness abroad.

“I'm told on good authority that he's quite lonely. He's quite isolated in California," Dampier revealed, painting a picture of a prince detached from his former life.

Prince Harry's Isolation Speculations

Allegations from Dampier insinuate that this purported solitude may not be coincidental but a calculated result of Meghan's influence.

“Maybe that's part of Meghan's plan to isolate him from his friends and family," Dampier conjectured, sparking debate among royal watchers. Observations of Harry’s social engagements, such as attending glitzy events with celebrities, including a Beyoncé concert, courtside at basketball games, and a high-octane Formula One race, are cited as evidence of his social sphere being tied closely to Meghan's interests.

"I don't have any information about him wanting to move back here, but I think it's starting to take its toll on him," Dampier added, leaving the door open to speculation about the Duke's future moves.

Prince Harry's Return Debated

The narrative of a possible return to the UK for Harry comes amid this backdrop of reported loneliness and dependency on Meghan for social connections.

It also raises questions about the sustainability of their current lifestyle and the duke's long-term contentment. While official statements from Harry and Meghan's camp are absent, the continuous public discourse suggests that the couple's decisions remain under intense scrutiny.

The royal couple has been residing in the US since their step back from senior royal duties in early 2020. Their departure was marked by an intention to become financially independent and to build a progressive new role within the monarchy.

Since then, they have engaged in various charitable endeavours and media productions. Yet, this latest discussion underscores the ongoing interest in their private lives and the complexities of navigating a transatlantic existence that straddles their royal past and American future.

As this conversation unfolds, the world watches keenly to see if the Duke of Suss*x will find his way back to British soil or carve out a new legacy stateside.

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