Nicolas Cage Emphasizes Passion for Film Over Internet Memes

Cage reflects on internet fame's impact on his career.

by Nouman Rasool
Nicolas Cage Emphasizes Passion for Film Over Internet Memes
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In an era where digital virality can often eclipse traditional forms of fame, Nicolas Cage has opened up about the unintended turn his career took in the meme era. The Academy Award-winning actor, known for his intense on-screen performances, candidly expressed his views on the widespread internet memes that feature him.

Cage, whose internet presence is a mosaic of out-of-context clips and exaggerated expressions, stated his primary commitment remains to the art of film performance, not the ephemeral fame of internet memes. The actor, who has recently been spotlighted on various platforms like Twitter and Reddit for his meme-worthy moments, finds his name consistently entangled with the meme culture that thrives on the web.

A simple Google search of “Nicolas Cage memes” yields countless compilations celebrating the actor's unique on-screen moments. Despite the online adulation, Cage maintains that this aspect of his fame was never the goal.

“I got into acting because I was moved by film performance more than any other art form. I didn’t get into movies to become a meme,” Cage told The Guardian while promoting his new film with A24, 'Dream Scenario,' set to debut in theaters shortly.

Cage Confronts Memedom

Cage shared that initially, the meme phenomenon was something he had to come to terms with. He hoped that the widespread memes might inspire viewers to revisit his extensive filmography. However, he acknowledged the lack of control over this modern, digital form of celebrity, drawing a parallel to his character in 'Dream Scenario'

In the film, Cage portrays a professor who inexplicably becomes a fixture in strangers' dreams, leading to a bizarre form of fame that ultimately turns troubling. Adding a fresh angle to Cage’s narrative, 'Dream Scenario' offers a meta-commentary on the nature of celebrity and public perception.

Cage's role as the professor touches on the complex relationship between a person's identity and their societal image, a theme that resonates with his real-life experience with fame and internet culture. As Cage's latest project hits theaters, audiences are invited not only to witness another compelling performance but also to reflect on the actor's profound relationship with his craft.

In the ever-shifting landscape of celebrity, Cage's dedication to film stands as a testament to his enduring passion, underscoring the timeless value of cinematic artistry amid the fleeting trends of the digital age.

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