Al Pacino Agrees to $30K Monthly Child Support for Noor Alfallah’s Child


Al Pacino Agrees to $30K Monthly Child Support for Noor Alfallah’s Child
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Legendary actor Al Pacino has stepped into his new role as a father by agreeing to a considerable child support arrangement for his infant son, Roman, with girlfriend Noor Alfallah. The Hollywood icon, renowned for his performances in cinematic masterpieces like "The Godfather," has not only pledged to support his child with a monthly sum but has also ensured a secure future with an educational fund.

In the light of recent court documents revealed on November 3rd, Pacino's approach to fatherhood includes a substantial financial commitment. The actor has consented to pay Alfallah, a vibrant film producer, $30,000 per month in child support.

This monthly provision is bolstered by an upfront payment of $110,000, assisting Alfallah and their five-month-old son as they transition to a new home. Furthermore, Pacino will cover additional expenses, including $13,000 each month for a night nurse, plus any uncovered medical bills, ensuring the well-being and comfort of both mother and child.

Al Pacino's dedication to his son's future is underscored by his annual contribution of $15,000 to an education fund, a clear indication of his long-term commitment to Roman's upbringing and personal development.

Joint Custody Granted

A Los Angeles judge has ratified the arrangement, granting Alfallah, 29, and Pacino, 83, joint legal custody, with Alfallah maintaining primary physical custody of Roman.

This custody agreement emerged after Alfallah pursued full physical custody in September, proposing that Pacino be granted "reasonable" visitation rights, as documented in legal papers acquired by E! News. In an intriguing twist to this familial narrative, despite the formal custody proceedings, the couple remains a united front.

According to Pacino's representative, the couple, first romantically linked in April 2022, continues their relationship harmoniously. They have, as stated by the representative, "successfully worked together and have mutually reached agreements" about their son's care and upbringing.

This arrangement between Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah not only highlights their cooperative spirit in co-parenting but also exemplifies the commitment required to navigate the complexities of parenting in the public eye, setting a precedent for amicable resolutions in the landscape of celebrity relationships.

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