Prince Harry Nicknames Himself 'Chandler' in Tribute to Late Matthew Perry

Delving into Royal Domesticity, Prince Harry Shares His Truth

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry Nicknames Himself 'Chandler' in Tribute to Late Matthew Perry
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In an unexpected revelation from his forthcoming memoir, "Spare," the Duke of Suss*x has expressed a unique connection to an iconic sitcom character. Prince Harry has candidly called himself "Chandler" from the beloved television series "Friends," particularly following the death of actor Matthew Perry, who famously portrayed the quick-witted character.

This personal admission adds a relatable and humanizing layer to the prince's public persona. In his book, Prince Harry unveils that he sees a reflection of himself in Chandler Bing's character, a sentiment that has become even more poignant after Perry's passing.

The Duke's musings, which come at a time of introspection following his departure from royal duties, resonate with the theme of finding one's identity amidst life's complexities, much like the fictional character did on the show.

Prince Harry's Humble Haven

Harry's memoir offers an intimate glimpse into his life away from the grandeur typically associated with royalty. He describes a simplicity and self-sufficiency at Nottingham Cottage, one of the late Queen Elizabeth II's cherished residences, where he tended to his domestic tasks.

"Besides my laundry (often laid out to dry on my radiators)," the Duke shares, illustrating a scene far removed from the lavish lifestyle many would imagine. Further dispelling the myths of glamorous bachelor life, Prince Harry shares anecdotes of mundane evenings that echo the lives of many.

"I did my chores, my cooking, my food shopping," he writes. With a touch of irony, he adds, "Many evenings I’d think: if only they could see me now. Then I’d go back to folding my underwear and watching 'The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding.'

" These revelations promise to endear the Duke even more to the public, painting a picture of a man in touch with the simplicity and sometimes the solitude of everyday life. The comparisons with Chandler Bing highlight a sense of humour and self-mockery that readers may find both surprising and endearing.

As Prince Harry's reflections enter the public domain, they invite a renewed dialogue about the human experience behind the royal facade. In sharing his affinities and ordinary routines, Harry bridges the gap between his world and ours, reminding us that beneath titles and traditions, the royals may have more in common with beloved fictional characters and with us than we ever imagined.

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