Ben Affleck's Close Call Post-Garner Spat

Affleck's parking misadventure follows family school event

by Zain ul Abedin
Ben Affleck's Close Call Post-Garner Spat
© Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment

Hollywood A-lister Ben Affleck experienced a brush with vehicular misfortune outside his son's school, narrowly evading a more severe incident when his opulent Mercedes EQS grazed another car in an adjacent space. The encounter followed what witnesses described as a visibly intense exchange with his former spouse, Jennifer Garner.

This event marks Affleck's second minor parking mishap in recent months, raising eyebrows and questions about the star's off-screen distractions. The incident, captured and circulated on a popular entertainment YouTube channel, shows the 'Air' director as he manoeuvres his $150,000 electric vehicle in reverse, only to make unintended contact with a white car stationed uncomfortably close behind.

While the brush-up was minor, the onlookers were tense until the other vehicle's owner stepped in, backing up to avoid further contact. Affleck, maintaining his composure, managed to extract himself from the tight spot, departing promptly without so much as exchanging words with the other party involved.

Garner Exchange Sparks Speculation

Before this parking lot waltz, Affleck and Garner were sighted in what seemed to be a strained dialogue during their 11-year-old's festive school event. The content of their discussion remains a mystery, yet it was clear that emotions were running high, with Garner exhibiting signs of distress.

Compounding the family dynamic is the recent buzz around Affleck's renewed interactions with Garner affecting his new life with megastar Jennifer Lopez. Rumours sparked when the former couple was seen sharing a tender embrace, casting a spotlight on their complex relationship dynamics.

These public episodes come when Affleck's personal life is increasingly under the microscope following his nuptials with Lopez. As fans and followers dissect his every move, it's evident that Affleck's navigation through personal endeavours is as closely watched as his on-screen performances.

With the holiday season approaching, the spotlight remains on how the 'Justice League' actor balances the facets of his high-profile life under the unrelenting gaze of the public eye.

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