Jimmy Kimmel Fired From L.A. Bowl Host

Amidst shifting hosts, underlying motivations come to the forefront.

by Nouman Rasool
Jimmy Kimmel Fired From L.A. Bowl Host
© Anna Webber/Getty Images

In an unexpected turn of events, celebrated host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel, known for his late-night talk show, "Jimmy Kimmel Live," has been replaced as the host of the annual college football game, the L.A. Bowl. Despite Kimmel's rich history with the event, which even bore his name as the “Jimmy Kimmel L.A.

Bowl,” the baton has now been passed to former NFL star Rob Gronkowski. Jimmy Kimmel, with his impeccable track record of hosting grand events like the Primetime Emmy Awards and the Academy Awards, took the reigns of the L.A.

Bowl for two consecutive years. However, the game's direction has shifted with the renaming to “L.A. Bowl Hosted By Gronk,” highlighting Gronkowski's takeover. Gronkowski's credentials are undeniable. His nine-season tenure with the New England Patriots, followed by two seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, speaks volumes about his prowess in professional football.

Chris Sloan, overseeing global partnerships at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park, cited this shift as a strategic one. He stated, “Rob embodies the zenith of football. Merging top-tier sports with premier entertainment, the ‘L.A.

Bowl Hosted By Gronk’ promises an unparalleled experience this college bowl season”.

Politics vs. Athletic Neutrality

Rumours suggest Kimmel's candid political views might have played a part in the change. As public discourse grows increasingly polarized, the world of sports offers a respite for many.

In contrast, Gronkowski has maintained a neutral stance, focusing primarily on his athletic and entertainment pursuits. Rob's infectious energy and larger-than-life persona are already creating buzz for the L.A. Bowl. Announcing his new role on X, previously known as Twitter, he exclaimed, “It’s my turn now,” giving a nod to his dynamic personality.

With December 16 marked for the 2023 L.A. Bowl at SoFi Stadium, anticipation runs high. Gronkowski, respectful of his predecessor, acknowledged, “Jimmy brought a unique flair. I aim to elevate it further." He's poised to blend his football insights and entertainment acumen, ensuring the L.A. Bowl remains a calendar highlight.