Bradley Cooper's Date Night with Gigi at Fave Spot

Cooper and Hadid's camaraderie sparks widespread public intrigue

by Zain ul Abedin
Bradley Cooper's Date Night with Gigi at Fave Spot
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In the sparkling lights of the city that never sleeps, Hollywood A-lister Bradley Cooper and internationally acclaimed supermodel Gigi Hadid have once again set tongues wagging as they were spotted enjoying each other's company during a theatrical night out.

This latest outing fuels the swirling romance rumours following the duo in recent weeks. Taking a break from the glitz and glamour of the red carpet, Cooper and Hadid decided to spend their evening at the Lucille Lortel Theater, indulging in the raw and riveting performance of "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea," with stars Aubrey Plaza and Chris Abbott leading the charge on stage.

A source privy to the evening's details shared their insights with Page Six, emphasizing the unique nature of the night, “It’s a theatre date night! Bradley is a well-known lover of the arts, and with his current involvement in ‘Maestro,’ where he portrays the legendary Leonard Bernstein, his passion for theater is more evident than ever”.

The insider couldn't help but notice the apparent closeness between Bradley and Gigi, mentioning, “From our perspective, it seemed like they might have been holding hands, although we couldn’t get a definitive look”.

Continued Close Encounters

This recent theatre rendezvous follows a series of sightings of the pair together, including a cosy dinner at the famous West Village restaurant Via Carota just last month. Their interactions didn't stop there; Bradley was also seen giving Gigi a lift around the city, with the two later braving the rain for a leisurely walk together.

These repeated encounters have done nothing but heighten the curiosity and speculation about the nature of their relationship. A source close to both celebrities revealed to Us Weekly that despite the significant age difference of 20 years, Bradley and Gigi share numerous common interests and a compatible sense of humour.

“They are single parents and have found a kindred spirit in each other, sharing laughs and meaningful conversations”. As the Hollywood and fashion worlds collide, all eyes are on Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid, eagerly anticipating the potential confirmation or denial of a romantic relationship.

Whether they are simply enjoying a blooming friendship or something more, it’s clear that this pair has a connection that cannot be ignored.

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