Athenna Crosby's Heartfelt Tribute to Matthew Perry

Reflecting on a profound friendship and its final moments.

by Nouman Rasool
Athenna Crosby's Heartfelt Tribute to Matthew Perry
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The sudden demise of Matthew Perry has left friends, family, and fans in utter disbelief. In an unexpected turn of events, close friend and model Athenna Crosby has come forward, sharing intimate details about her final meeting with the actor just a day before his tragic passing.

TMZ had initially released photos capturing Perry enjoying a casual lunch in Los Angeles on October 27 with an unidentified woman, sparking curiosity among fans. Crosby took to her Instagram Stories on October 31, identifying herself and expressing her thoughts in an extensive and heartfelt post.

"Once again I never intended to speak out," she penned, "but given the circumstances and my being recognized, yes, it was me sharing that moment with him last Friday." Crosby painted a picture of Perry being in high spirits during their lunch, aiming to quash any speculations regarding his state of mind.

"I need to highlight just how full of life Matthew was during our time together. He shared his future plans with great enthusiasm and was genuinely happy and lively. I urge everyone to refrain from any speculation surrounding his passing.

We have lost a true legend in our industry. May he rest in peace."

Respecting Perry's Legacy

Crosby also shared her reasons for initially choosing to remain silent, wanting to respect Perry's private nature and to maintain the focus on his legacy.

"I'm heartbroken by his departure," she expressed in a preceding post. "I had the privilege of knowing Matthew personally. My decision to keep our connection private was out of respect for him, a man of immense privacy, which I’ve always valued in our friendship.

We shared a genuine bond, and I was one of the last people he spoke to." She utilized this moment to advocate for Perry's work, specifically pointing her followers to his compelling book, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, which delves into his life, illustrious career, and battles with addiction.

She concluded her tribute with a universal message of compassion, reminding her audience, "Let’s be kind to everyone, recognizing that we are all fighting our own battles." Perry's vibrant state during his final days was similarly noted by Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman in a November 1 interview with Today.

She reflected on seeing a cheerful and sober Perry just two weeks prior to his tragic death, describing the situation as unbearably unfair given his evident wellbeing.

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