Marvel Star Eka Darville Mourns the Loss of Young Son to Illness

A family grapples with loss after son's valiant fight

by Zain ul Abedin
Marvel Star Eka Darville Mourns the Loss of Young Son to Illness
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In an unfortunate and tragic turn of events, Marvel actor Eka Darville has made the heart-wrenching decision to temporarily step back from his thriving career in the wake of his young son's death. Ten-year-old Mana Darville sadly succumbed to an aggressive form of glioneuronal brain cancer, a battle that proved to be insurmountable despite the family's relentless fight.

Eka Darville, renowned for his standout performances in "Power Rangers RPM," "Marvel’s Jessica Jones," and "The Defenders," was initially met with devastating news from Australian medical professionals, who expressed their inability to provide the necessary treatment for Mana in their home country.

Determined to leave no stone unturned, the 34-year-old actor and his wife, Lila, boldly decided to relocate their family to the United States to pursue advanced medical interventions. In a poignant show of transparency and vulnerability, Eka consistently turned to his Instagram platform, keeping his dedicated followers in the loop with regular updates regarding Mana's condition.

He often encouraged his online community to join him in prayer, fostering a network of support and positivity.

Mana's Brave Battle

The journey took a gruelling turn when Mana underwent a high-risk marathon surgery aimed at removing as much of the tumor as possible.

However, despite the initial optimism, Eka later shared the disheartening news that the surgery had only prompted the tumour to begin regrowing. This past Monday, Mana’s bereaved grandmother took to social media to announce her grandson’s passing after his intense and grueling battle with cancer.

The Darville family, enveloped in grief, chose to share an emotional video on Mana’s GoFundMe Page, expressing their desire to maintain a sense of unity and remembrance despite their immense loss. “We still wanted to come together in this prayer because he's still always gonna be with us and he's still with us,” they shared in the heartfelt tribute.

As the Darville family navigates through this mourning period, the entertainment community and fans worldwide are extending their deepest condolences, keeping Eka and his family in their thoughts and prayers. Eka's decision to put his career on hold underscores the profound impact of this tragedy, as he takes the time to heal and support his family through this incredibly challenging time.