Brad Pitt Faces Angelina Jolie's Relentless Vengeance Crusade

Angelina Jolie's Legal Endeavors Take a Dramatic Turn

by Zain ul Abedin
Brad Pitt Faces Angelina Jolie's Relentless Vengeance Crusade
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Amid the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, a saga of personal vendettas unfolds as Angelina Jolie, the illustrious star of 'Maleficent,' reportedly embarks on a relentless campaign with a sole objective: to dismantle the life of her erstwhile husband, Brad Pitt.

This contentious battle persists, transcending the seven years since their separation and the recent finalization of their divorce in August 2023. Sources reveal that the prolonged legal turmoil predominantly revolved around the custody of their children, a matter that seemingly reached its resolution.

However, the embers of discord continue to smolder as Jolie pivots her strategy, moving from personal disputes to legislative advocacy. In a surprising yet strategic maneuver, Jolie has fervently thrown her support behind groundbreaking legislation, striving to implement mandatory domestic violence training for judges and court personnel.

This initiative, dubbed 'Piqui's Law,' has garnered the attention and potential backing of the Governor of California, as reported by The Post. The implications of this law extend far beyond its immediate scope, intertwining with Jolie's vendetta against Pitt.

Jolie's Accusations Intensify Conflict

Jolie's staunch belief that the judge presiding over their child custody case, John Ouderkirk, exhibited bias in favour of Pitt fuels her unwavering commitment to this cause. She contends that the alleged favouritism prevented their children from testifying against their father, a claim that adds a layer of complexity and intensity to her campaign.

An anonymous insider sheds light on Jolie's motives, stating, "Angie has previously levelled accusations of child abuse against Brad, making her advocacy for this cause appear as a thinly veiled attack against her former spouse”.

They further elaborate, “This is a definitive sign of her determination to target him and his close associates persistently; she has harboured the desire to obliterate Brad's reputation for an extended period”.

The source concludes with a chilling revelation, “The divorce agreement, which marked the end of their legal battles, will not serve as a deterrent for Angie. She is steadfast in her quest for vengeance, undeterred by the legalities that have closed this chapter of their lives”.

As the story unfolds, it is evident that the flames of this vendetta show no signs of extinguishing, keeping the world riveted to the ongoing saga between Jolie and Pitt.

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