Pete Sampras Announces Wife Bridgette Wilson-Sampras's Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

Sampras Family Faces Challenging Times with Grace and Unity.

by Nouman Rasool
Pete Sampras Announces Wife Bridgette Wilson-Sampras's Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis
© Vince Bucci/GettyImages

In a heartfelt and candid disclosure, former tennis sensation Pete Sampras has opened up about his wife, actress Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, and her ongoing battle with ovarian cancer. Sampras, known for his typically reserved nature, chose the ATP Tour’s official social media channels as the platform to share this deeply personal news with the world.

“Throughout the challenging journey of the past year, my family has faced unprecedented trials and tribulations,” Sampras began his extensive statement. “In December of the previous year, we were confronted with the harrowing reality of Bridgette’s ovarian cancer diagnosis.

The ensuing months have seen her undergo extensive surgery, persevere through strenuous chemotherapy sessions, and presently, she is navigating through targeted maintenance therapy”.

Family’s Strength and Resilience

Sampras further elaborated on the emotional toll this experience has taken on their family, highlighting the strength and support they have found in each other.

“Observing a loved one endure such a formidable challenge is heart-wrenching. Yet, the resilience and fortitude exhibited by our sons, in providing unwavering support to both Bridgette and me, and to each other, have been nothing short of extraordinary.

Bridgette’s unwavering spirit, as she continues to fulfill her roles as a devoted mother and wife, amidst this ordeal, has been nothing short of awe-inspiring,” he shared. Concluding his statement, Sampras expressed the difficulty in reaching out for support, attributing it to the overwhelming nature of their ordeal over the past year.

He requested the thoughts and prayers of their well-wishers as Wilson-Sampras forges ahead in her path to recovery. The couple, who tied the knot in 2000 after a whirlwind nine-month courtship, are proud parents to two sons: Christian, born in 2002, and Ryan, born in 2005.

Wilson-Sampras, famed for her lead role in ‘Billy Madison’ as Veronica Vaughan and memorable performances in ‘Saved by the Bell’ and ‘Santa Barbara,’ has long been a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.