Prince Harry Faces Royal Estrangement After Implicating Aide in Legal Documents


Prince Harry Faces Royal Estrangement After Implicating Aide in Legal Documents
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In a surprising turn of events, it has been reported that Prince Harry faced financial cut-off from his father, Prince Charles, subsequent to his bold accusations against a significant aide connected to Prince William. The Prince alleged that the aide's partner was involved in divulging confidential information about his and Meghan Markle’s intentions to step back from royal duties, to the controversial journalist, Dan Wootton of The Sun.

According to Byline Times, in April of 2020, Prince Harry issued a legal notice to The Sun, alleging that the aide’s partner had received a £4,000 payment for their disclosure. The newspaper reported that the aide, Christian Jones, denied any form of misconduct, while his partner, a seasoned publicist, claimed the payment was for other stories.

At this juncture, Prince Harry was residing in Canada with his family and was under the umbrella of the Sandringham Agreement, receiving £700,000 (approximately $860,000) for a trial year.

Financial Stability Shaken

However, the financial stability came under threat as pressure mounted on Prince Harry to retract his statements against Jones.

His refusal to do so allegedly led to a substantial reduction in funding, leading to the eventual breakdown of the Sandringham Agreement. This incident may have been what Prince Harry was referring to during his much-discussed interview with Oprah Winfrey, where he mentioned being financially cut off by his father, pushing him to venture into various commercial deals.

Notably, Jones and his partner have consistently denied any personal connection to journalist Wootton. Nevertheless, Byline Times presented photographic evidence of the duo attending Wootton’s 35th birthday celebration, fuelling the controversy.

Insiders have speculated that the funding cut was a strategic move aimed at mitigating potential public relations damage and forcing Prince Harry and Meghan back to the UK. "The removal of the transition funding, which Prince Charles knew was his son’s only lifeline to keeping safe, was considered a very effective way of trying to bring Harry and Meghan to heel in the UK.

But it didn’t work,” a source revealed. Wootton himself has faced a significant setback in his media career following accusations of deceiving people into sending explicit photographs. In his memoir, ‘Spare’, Prince Harry has pointed fingers at royal insiders for leaking information to the press, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing royal saga.

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