Travis Kelce Grooves to Swift's Classic Ballad!

Swift and Kelce ignite romance rumors with public outings

by Zain ul Abedin
Travis Kelce Grooves to Swift's Classic Ballad!
© David Eulitt/Getty Images

NFL superstar Travis Kelce is not shying away from showcasing his affection for the sensational pop icon Taylor Swift, as he recently made waves across social media for his passionate performance of one of her beloved hits from 2008.

On a captivating Friday evening, following a gripping World Series game at the Global Life Field, the 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end was caught on camera, completely immersed in the sweet melodies of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”.

This spontaneous performance occurred coincidentally on the day “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” graced the world with its release, adding a layer of uncertainty to the moment. Kelce, holding a bottle high in the air, swayed rhythmically to the music, mouthing the words with enthusiasm and emotion, “Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone / I'll be waiting; all that's left to do is run”.

Fans quickly noticed and speculated that Kelce might have been recording this heartfelt performance as he frequently glanced down at his phone during the song.

Kelce and Swift's Blossoming Romance

Adding to the excitement, during another game where his beloved team clinched a victory against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Kelce was again seen letting loose, this time to the beats of Swift’s hit "Shake It Off." Meanwhile, Swift, the ‘Lover’ songstress, was spotted in New York City, gracefully making her way to a dinner in the West Village.

While she illuminated the streets of NYC, Kelce found his rhythm in Texas. The duo recently ended a month filled with swirling romance rumors, as they were seen indulging in public displays of affection, holding hands during intimate date nights in the heart of New York City.

A close source revealed to Entertainment Tonight, shedding light on their blossoming romance, “Taylor has completely fallen for Travis”. They added that Swift’s family has given their stamp of approval to the NFL star, welcoming him with open arms.

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