James Haskell Reveals Heartfelt Sorrow Over Breakup with Chloe Madeley

Former Rugby Star Addresses Personal Life Shift Publicly.

by Nouman Rasool
James Haskell Reveals Heartfelt Sorrow Over Breakup with Chloe Madeley
© Gareth Fuller - WPA Pool/GettyImages

James Haskell, the former esteemed rugby player, has recently opened up about the termination of his marital union with Chloe Madeley, bringing an end to the widespread speculations and rumors. The couple, who celebrated five years of matrimony, publicly announced their decision to part ways in a heartfelt joint statement last Saturday, clarifying that the separation took place in September.

With profound sincerity and visible sadness, James articulated his feelings about the breakup. He underscored the importance of safeguarding the joy and well-being of their 14-month-old daughter, Bodhi, placing it as their utmost priority.

James Haskell: A Heartfelt Message

In a candid message to his followers, James shared, "It’s with a heavy heart and deep sadness that I find myself writing this message. But, in today's world, transparency is key. My primary concern lies in ensuring the happiness and security of both my daughter, Bodhi, and Chloe.

Beyond this, I believe it’s crucial to maintain our privacy, and I will not be delving into further details." James Haskell, 38, and Chloe Madeley, 36, took a mature and collaborative approach as they issued a united statement, laying bare the truth of their marital situation.

They transparently declared their unanimous decision to conclude their marriage journey as of September 2023’s end. With earnestness, they acknowledged that the timing of their public announcement was not precisely calculated, noting the intricate challenge presented by the concurrent airing of their television show.

In the emotionally charged hours that led up to their formal statement to the public, James turned to social media to share a poignant snapshot. This image encapsulated a beautiful, intimate moment shared between Chloe and their daughter Bodhi.

The accompanying caption, ‘mine,’ followed by a tender white heart emoji, served as a powerful reminder of the resilient bonds and unwavering love that persist within their family, despite the changes they are navigating.

Their decision to share these moments and feelings openly speaks to their commitment to authenticity and transparency, even as they navigate through this significant and personal transition in their lives. This official confirmation of their separation follows a series of public sightings where both Chloe and James were notably seen without their wedding rings, fuelling the fires of speculation amongst their fan base and the media at large.