Schwarzenegger Confesses to Rivalry Tactics with Stallone During Their Prime

Exploring the Depths of Hollywood's Most Infamous Feud.

by Nouman Rasool
Schwarzenegger Confesses to Rivalry Tactics with Stallone During Their Prime
© Dave Kotinsky/GettyImages

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the esteemed former governor of California and iconic action film star, recently made a candid admission about his previous rivalry with fellow action legend, Sylvester Stallone. During an appearance on the renowned “Graham Norton Show” this past Friday, Schwarzenegger opened up about the intense competition that existed between the two during their cinematic heyday.

Schwarzenegger, now in his seventies, reflected on how he and Stallone began their careers as formidable “movie rivals,” a dynamic that eventually blossomed into a deep and enduring friendship. “We were immersed in this rivalry, always striving to outdo each other,” the “Terminator” actor revealed, painting a picture of an intense battle for supremacy in Hollywood.

Rivalry Beyond the Screen

“Our rivalry was all-encompassing. We were obsessed with having the most impressive physiques, outperforming each other in on-screen body counts, and brandishing the largest firearms imaginable,” Schwarzenegger elaborated.

He admitted that this competitive spirit spiraled out of control at times, leading them to actively attempt to undermine each other’s careers. However, the narrative took a positive turn when both actors decided to invest in the Planet Hollywood franchise.

Schwarzenegger shared, “Our global promotional tours for Planet Hollywood were the catalyst for change. Traveling together fostered a bond between us, transforming our relationship into a fantastic friendship”. Schwarzenegger and Stallone, both of whom rose to fame in the 1970s, have since enjoyed illustrious careers in Hollywood.

Schwarzenegger’s breakout role came with 1970’s “Hercules in New York,” while Stallone stole hearts and garnered critical acclaim with 1976’s Oscar-winning film “Rocky”. The duo later teamed up on screen in various films, including 2013’s “Escape Plan” and the popular “Expendables” series.

Furthermore, this year marks a significant moment for both actors as they are each featured in Netflix documentaries; “Arnold” debuted in June, and “Sly” is eagerly anticipated to premiere in the coming month.