Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens Up About Old Rivalry with Stallone

Decades-long Hollywood Rivalry Takes an Unexpected Turn

by Zain ul Abedin
Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens Up About Old Rivalry with Stallone
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Arnold Schwarzenegger, the iconic star from the Terminator series, recently graced The Graham Norton Show with his presence, delving into his previously heated and highly competitive feud with fellow action star Sylvester Stallone.

The tension between the two Hollywood giants was palpable as Schwarzenegger candidly spoke about how their rivalry reached extremes on and off the screen. "Back in the day, Sylvester and I were more than just movie rivals.

We pushed each other to the limits, aiming to outdo one another in every possible way. From striving to showcase the most enviable physique to competing over who could claim the highest body count and the largest arsenal in our films, our competition knew no bounds," Schwarzenegger recounted.

The celebrated actor from True Lies admitted, "Our competitiveness spiralled out of control, and it reached a point where we were actively trying to sabotage each other's careers."

From Rivals to Allies: Unveiling the Journey

However, the narrative took a positive turn when Schwarzenegger shared the story of how their mutual investment in the Planet Hollywood franchise became the catalyst for a profound transformation in their relationship.

"Traveling the globe together to promote our business venture opened avenues for dialogue and camaraderie, eventually turning us into the best of friends," he revealed. The two action legends had previously locked horns over trivial matters ranging from who possessed the more formidable firearm to who achieved a lower body fat percentage before production.

Yet, by the late 1990s, their contentious relationship had mellowed, and they have since remained on good terms. Expressing his admiration for Stallone, Schwarzenegger enthused, "Sylvester is an extraordinary individual, and our bond is now unbreakable." The duo has shared the screen in films such as Escape Plan and The Expendables, further solidifying their friendship.

Stallone, speaking earlier in June, reciprocated the sentiments, saying, "Arnold was the complete package – he had the physique, the strength, and he embodied his characters to the fullest." This fascinating insight into the dynamics of their relationship not only serves as a testament to the power of reconciliation but also highlights how even the fiercest of rivals can find common ground and forge lasting friendships.

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