Prince Harry's Steep Price for Meghan

Examining the Unraveling Dynamics of Prince Harry’s Life

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry's Steep Price for Meghan
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The Duke of Suss*x, Prince Harry, finds himself at a crossroads as he contemplates a return to the United Kingdom, leaving behind his life in the United States, which he began with actress Meghan Markle in 2020. The desire to reconnect with his roots is evident; however, sources suggest that reclaiming his former life might not be a seamless journey.

Recent reports indicate that Prince Harry has been actively searching for a residence in the UK, driven by a yearning to be closer to childhood friends and familiar surroundings. Despite this, royal commentators and critics are casting doubts on the feasibility of such a return.

They point out that the Duke’s relationship with his family has been strained, and even his friends seem reluctant to welcome him back with open arms. The critics do not mince words, describing his behaviour towards family and friends as “awful”.

Attention is also drawn to Meghan Markle’s role in Prince Harry’s initial decision to relocate to the US. Critics argue that Harry paid a steep price for his relationship, suggesting his love for Meghan catalysed his drastic life changes.

“He’s paid a very high price for ‘the love of his life’,” they observe, highlighting the gravity of his decisions.

Calls to Renounce Royal Title

Voices from various quarters are now calling for Prince Harry to renounce his title as Counsellor of State, which places him among the top five members of the Royal Family, tasked with stepping in for the monarch when necessary.

Critics argue that his previous statements expressing a desire to distance himself from the ‘institution’ of the monarchy are at odds with holding such a significant title. “Counsellor of State is part of the Institution he doesn't want to be part of,” one critic pointed out.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield adds to the conversation, expressing scepticism about the true motivations behind Prince Harry’s potential return to the UK. In a discussion with Sky News Australia, Schofield delves into the complexities of the Duke’s situation, underscoring the challenges and potential repercussions of his contemplated move.

As the Duke of Suss*x navigates this crucial juncture, the world watches, awaiting his next move and pondering the ramifications for his relationship with the Royal Family, and his place within the broader British society.

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