Prince Harry's Real Role in 'The Crown' Unveiled

Netflix CEO Addresses Royal Drama Amidst Speculation

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry's Real Role in 'The Crown' Unveiled
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The Duke of Suss*x, Prince Harry, has found himself at the centre of public speculation due to his multi-million dollar contract with Netflix, which has raised eyebrows and generated concerns regarding his potential involvement in the popular series, "The Crown." This development has particularly piqued the audience's interest, given his position in the royal hierarchy and the series' focus on the British Royal Family.

Ted Sarandos, the esteemed CEO of Netflix, decided to address these swirling rumours head-on in a recent interview with Variety, providing clarity on Prince Harry’s role in the making of "The Crown." He initiated the conversation with a sense of gravitas, acknowledging the sensitive nature of the topic.

"We maintain a stringent boundary on discussions about this subject for reasons that are quite evident," he stated.

Sarandos Maintains a Professional Distance

Sarandos clarified his stance, highlighting his deliberate decision to maintain a professional distance from the royal family’s internal affairs.

He underscored this point by revealing that he hadn't perused a single page of Prince Harry's controversial memoir, "Spare." "I consciously chose not to read it. It’s not that it doesn’t intrigue me. On the contrary, I am quite interested," he explained.

"However, I wanted to ensure his voice and perspective didn’t unduly influence my thought process. While I hold a lot of empathy for him, I believed it was crucial to approach the creation of the show with an unbiased mindset." This statement from Sarandos comes at a time when Prince William, the elder sibling, has reportedly expressed his displeasure regarding Prince Harry’s lucrative agreement with the streaming service.

By addressing these concerns transparently, the Netflix CEO aims to dispel any misconceptions and assure the audience of the show’s integrity. By taking a firm stand on maintaining creative impartiality, Sarandos has underscored Netflix's commitment to unbiased storytelling, ensuring that "The Crown" remains a work of fiction, independent of the personal narratives of its royal subjects.

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