TV Star Pregnant with Oil Heir Baby

Olympic Champion shares her heartfelt journey to motherhood.

by Nouman Rasool
TV Star Pregnant with Oil Heir Baby
© Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Tara Lipinski, a renowned figure skater celebrated for clinching the gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics, has joyously announced her journey toward motherhood. During the October 5 episode of her engaging podcast, “Tara Lipinski: Unexpected,” the accomplished athlete and now sports commentator shared her heartfelt and deeply personal journey through infertility, recounting the challenging five years of unfruitful IVF attempts.

With resilience and hope, Tara, alongside her husband, esteemed sports producer Todd Kapostasy, made the profound decision to entrust their own biological and genetically-related embryo to a surrogate. “We found our angel in Mikayla, a heaven-sent surrogate, and we are elated to share that we received a positive pregnancy test,” Tara revealed, her voice filled with emotion.

Surreal Moment Unveiled

In a deeply heartfelt recount, Tara Lipinski painted the moment of discovery as extraordinarily surreal, opening up about the initial shock that gripped her. “It felt almost impossible to comprehend; such joyous news has never been ours to receive before,” she explained.

Overwhelmed by the magnitude of the moment, Tara found herself in tears, releasing years of accumulated, pent-up trauma. Tara also reflected on the dramatic shift this news has brought to her life, expressing a heartfelt sense of relief and optimism.

“It feels like maybe, just maybe, our lives are on the brink of a transformative change, freeing us from the relentless cycle we’ve found ourselves in for so long”. Throughout the episode, Tara delved into her past perceptions of fertility, acknowledging how she once took her reproductive health for granted.

“Looking back, it’s astonishing to realize how I assumed my athletic prowess would naturally extend to fertility,” she mused. “For the majority of my life, my body was a pillar of strength, until suddenly, it wasn’t”.