Martin Scorsese on Letterboxd: Top Must-Watch Film Pairs Revealed


Martin Scorsese on Letterboxd: Top Must-Watch Film Pairs Revealed
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Renowned filmmaker Martin Scorsese has broadened his influential footprint in the cinematic world by joining Letterboxd, the premier social media platform dedicated to film enthusiasts. With a career spanning an impressive five decades and a fervent commitment to the preservation of film history, Scorsese has taken this unique opportunity to share his personal recommendations, creating an intricate tapestry of movie duos that seamlessly complement his own monumental body of work.

Amidst the anticipation building for his latest directorial venture, "Killers of the Flower Moon," Scorsese has embraced Letterboxd to not just promote his film, but to also engage with a community of cinephiles. His profile quickly garnered attention as he diligently logged 69 films, thoughtfully curating a collection of timeless classics, which he deems as quintessential viewing alongside his own cinematic gems.

Scorsese's Film Pairing Philosophy

In his introduction to the "Companion Films" list on Letterboxd, Scorsese delved deep into his philosophy behind film pairing, illuminating his belief in the conversational power that exists between movies.

“You always learn something, see something in a new light, because every movie is in conversation with every other movie. The greater the difference between the pictures, the better," Scorsese explained. The inception of these companion films, as Scorsese detailed, can be traced back to numerous requests from film festivals, prompting him to align his works with older films that served as sources of inspiration.

However, Scorsese clarified that the terms ‘inspiration’ and ‘influence’ only scratch the surface of these intricate relationships, preferring to view them as "companion films." In his curated selection for "Killers of the Flower Moon," Scorsese pairs it with such varied classics as William Wyler’s 1949 romantic drama "The Heiress" and Howard Hawks’ Western masterpiece "Red River." His eclectic choices extend to the Italian road trip comedy "Il Sorpasso" by Dino Risi, paired with "The Color of Money," and the revolutionary metafictional documentary "Close-Up" by Abbas Kiarostami, in tandem with "Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story." Through his Letterboxd journey, Scorsese demonstrates his unparalleled ability to weave together disparate cinematic worlds, as seen in his surprising yet poignant pairing of the original "Ocean’s Eleven," featuring the iconic duo of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, with the gritty realism of "Goodfellas." This move not only showcases his deep understanding and appreciation of film but also solidifies his status as a true cinephile and mentor for the Letterboxd community and film enthusiasts worldwide.