Scott Disick Criticizes Kourtney Kardashian as 'Controlling'

Kendall Jenner Opens Up About Anxiety Struggles

by Zain ul Abedin
Scott Disick Criticizes Kourtney Kardashian as 'Controlling'
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In a recent episode of the much-followed reality series, "The Kardashians," Scott Disick, former boyfriend to Kourtney Kardashian and father of their three children, ignited a firestorm of discussion with a seemingly pointed comment regarding the Kardashian-Jenner clan's disposition.

The comment, made during a heartfelt conversation with Kendall Jenner, appeared to reference his ex, Kourtney subtly. The episode, which aired recently, features 27-year-old supermodel Kendall Jenner candidly discussing her lifelong struggle with anxiety.

She revealed that she had been grappling with anxiety since the tender age of 8, seeking solace in multiple medical consultations. "I visited a heart doctor, a brain doctor, and a lung doctor because I thought there was something physically wrong with me," Kendall recounted.

She shared how anxiety was not openly discussed during her childhood, remarking, "People didn't use to talk about anxiety like they do now." The pivotal moment in the episode arrives when Kendall confides in Scott Disick about her control-oriented tendencies.

Scott, 40, who has experienced his share of ups and downs with the Kardashian family, responds with a comment that has since stirred the pot. "Everybody's got a problem. And it sucks that people judge when 'how the f**k can you be anxious?" he commented.

Scott's Remark Sparks Family Speculation

Kendall, known for her honesty, revealed her family's penchant for control, to which Scott nodded in agreement, adding, “I feel like everybody in your family is a control freak”.

This humorous exchange led to Kendall playfully attributing their "controlling ways" to their matriarch, Kris Jenner, saying, “She's [Kris] a controller. That's for sure." The remark by Scott Disick has raised eyebrows, given his history with Kourtney Kardashian.

After a nine-year-long relationship, Kourtney is now happily married to Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink 182, and is expecting her fourth child. Scott's comment, though seemingly casual, has added a layer of intrigue to the dynamics within the Kardashian-Jenner family, leaving fans and observers to speculate on the subtle nuances of their relationships.

As fans eagerly await more developments in the lives of this high-profile family, Scott Disick's comment continues to reverberate in the media, further fueling the ongoing fascination with the Kardashians' personal lives. Stay tuned for more updates as the drama unfolds in the world of reality television's most famous family.

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