Alex Beresford and Dad Win Celebrity Race After GMB Clash with Piers Morgan

Emotions ran high in a momentous television race finale.

by Nouman Rasool
Alex Beresford and Dad Win Celebrity Race After GMB Clash with Piers Morgan
© Jeff Spicer/GettyImages

In an emotional triumph on Wednesday evening, weather presenter Alex Beresford, alongside his father Noel, emerged victoriously in the intense competition of Celebrity Race Across The World. Alex, 43, was visibly moved as he crossed the finishing line in the picturesque Tromsø, Norway, sharing openly about the toll his highly publicized on-air confrontation with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain had taken on his confidence.

Reflecting on the tumultuous events from 2021, sparked by a debate over Meghan Markle, Alex disclosed how he had managed to build resilience amidst the chaos, turning to his family for unwavering support during those challenging moments.

The victory in Tromsø was not just a win for the Beresfords; it was a jubilant celebration of resilience and unity, with Alex and Noel ecstatically becoming the first duo to reach the checkpoint, leaving Harry Judd and his mother Emma in the second position.

Expressing his elation, Alex shared, “It feels fantastic; we are on top of the world right now. This journey, albeit the most challenging I’ve ever embarked on, provided us with a unique opportunity to travel and bond together as men.

It’s an experience etched in my memory, a treasure I’ll hold close for a lifetime”.

Overcoming Hurdles: Victory's Journey

The journey to this victory was not without its hurdles. Back in April 2021, Piers Morgan unleashed a torrent of criticism towards Alex, accusing him of a ‘premeditated attack’ during a heated debate about Meghan Markle, leading to Piers’ dramatic exit from Good Morning Britain.

The incident stirred up a social media storm, with Piers openly expressing his disbelief in Meghan Markle’s revelations during her interview with Oprah Winfrey. The confrontation on set, where Alex called out Piers for his relentless criticism of the former Suits actress, marked a significant moment in television history, culminating in Piers’ abrupt departure from the show.

Reflecting on this experience during Celebrity Race Across The World, Alex remarked, “Stepping away from work, immersing myself in a different pace of life, especially given my career in the media, has been a revelation”.

He continued, shedding light on the aftermath of the GMB fallout, “Finding myself in the epicenter of a media storm was bewildering. The onslaught of online criticism tests your mettle; you either stand tall or crumble.

It was a tough hit, but it’s forged a stronger me. I am indebted to my family and friends; they’ve been my rock. It’s crucial to move forward, both mentally and physically. This race has been a cathartic escape, a chance to truly unwind”.

Alex’s parting words resonated with strength and resilience, a testament to his journey of overcoming adversity, “You can't dwell on things. You have to move on mentally so you can move on physically. It's been nice to let my hair down so to speak”.

During the GMB clash, Beresford responded to Morgan's claims that he used to talk to Meghan and she 'dropped him' once she started dating Prince Harry. He said: 'I understand that you don't like Meghan Markle, you've made it so clear a number of times on this programme, and I understand you've got a personal relationship with Meghan Markle and she cut you off.'

Beresford told Morgan: 'She's entitled to cut you off if she wants to' - prompting Morgan to then storm off the GMB set.