Snoop Dogg Compares Earnings: Weddings vs. Concerts

Rap icon Snoop Dogg shares industry insights and experiences

by Zain ul Abedin
Snoop Dogg Compares Earnings: Weddings vs. Concerts
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In an exclusive and illuminating conversation with emerging rap sensation Latto, the legendary Snoop Dogg, aged 52, opened up about the financial dynamics of the entertainment industry, explicitly comparing the remuneration from weddings to that of concerts.

This candid exchange occurred during their interview for Rolling Stone's Musicians on Musicians issue. Snoop Dogg, known for his vivacity and spirited performances, shared insights from his vast experience, including an unforgettable stint at a bar mitzvah.

The conversation took a turn when Latto, 24, inquired about the various gigs artists undertake and their respective payouts.

Snoop Dogg on Lucrative Gigs

Snoop Dogg, with his trademark candour, explained, “You’re going to have opportunities where somebody is going to book you for a wedding, and that’s going to pay you more than what you would earn onstage." Latto, quick on the uptake, chimed in with "Bar mitzvah money," showcasing her awareness of the lucrative nature of such private events.

Reflecting on his personal experience, Snoop Dogg recounted a humorous yet eye-opening tale from a bar mitzvah performance, stating, "No, for real. I did a bar mitzvah for some kids that were, like, five years old. I’m doing the radio version.

They’re doing the motherf***ing dirty version. So I’m like, F*** it, we’re going to go dirty”. This anecdote lightened the mood and highlighted the unpredictable and sometimes risqué nature of live performances.

Snoop's Industry Wisdom and Adaptation

Snoop Dogg, a stalwart in the rap industry since the '90s, attributed his longevity to his savvy business acumen, emphasizing the importance of adapting to the ever-evolving music landscape.

He pointed out the current prominence of female artists in the industry, advising Latto and her contemporaries to learn from past industry manipulations. "You got to be a smarter businesswoman and say, 'OK, the women are winning right now in the music industry.'

This is a first for the women to be in the foreground," he advised. "You’re the first era actually to dominate music. [But] you guys have to understand that here’s where the bullsh** comes in. They’re going to make y’all fight each other.

That’s what they made us do. They didn’t want us to join hands and say, 'Hey, East Coast, West Coast, down South. I love your music.' " This insightful dialogue sheds light on the economic aspects of a musician's career.

It serves as a cautionary tale and a call for unity within the industry, all while highlighting Snoop Dogg's enduring relevance and wisdom.

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