Rebecca Romijn Surprised by Inclusion in John Stamos’ Memoir, Says Jerry O’Connell


Rebecca Romijn Surprised by Inclusion in John Stamos’ Memoir, Says Jerry O’Connell
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Jerry O'Connell, the charismatic co-host of "The Talk," has candidly shared his and his wife Rebecca Romijn’s surprise upon discovering her mention in John Stamos' forthcoming memoir, "If You Would Have Told Me," set to grace bookshelves this Tuesday.

During his recent appearance on "Access Hollywood," alongside hosts Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover, O'Connell revealed that the couple was caught off guard, having received no prior notification about the book’s content.

“Like everyone else, this was news to us,” expressed the 49-year-old actor, highlighting the unexpected nature of the revelation. When pressed about his thoughts on Stamos’ reflections on his past marriage and subsequent divorce from Romijn, O’Connell gracefully deflected, emphasizing his desire to keep the conversation focused on the present.

“It’s not really my place to say, Kit,” he responded, “I’d rather let Rebecca address that. We’re in a great place today”.

O'Connell's Tact, Romijn's Past

Lopez, acknowledging O'Connell's tact, commended him, describing the actor as a “smart man”.

Prior to tying the knot with O’Connell in 2007, Romijn, now 50, was in a ten-year relationship with John Stamos, now 60, with their marriage concluding in 2005. Stamos has openly discussed his lengthy healing process post-divorce, admitting to letting the pain linger for an extended period before eventually confronting his part in their painful split.

Within his memoir, Stamos subtly hints at feelings of betrayal from Romijn, describing the emotional turmoil he experienced. Despite multiple attempts, Page Six has not received any comments from Romijn’s representative regarding this matter.

The memoir does not exclusively focus on Romijn; Stamos also delves into past relationships, including allegations of infidelity involving his ex, Teri Copley, and Tony Danza. Following Stamos’ revelation, Copley was quick to respond, clarifying the timeline of their relationship and stating that they had already parted ways at the time of the alleged incident.

Additionally, Stamos sheds light on his close friendship with “Full House” co-star Lori Loughlin, sharing that their connection was once on the verge of blossoming into romance, describing his internal conflict as akin to choosing between the two Sandys in “Grease”.

This captivating memoir promises readers an intimate glimpse into Stamos’ personal journey, relationships, and the paths not taken.