Ryan Reynolds' Big B-Day Surprise from Rob McElhenney & Chris Pratt

Rob McElhenney and Chris Pratt's Heartwarming Birthday Surprise

by Zain ul Abedin
Ryan Reynolds' Big B-Day Surprise from Rob McElhenney & Chris Pratt
© Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment

In an unexpected yet delightful turn of events, Ryan Reynolds was left utterly speechless as he received a remarkable birthday gift, steeped in 'Parks and Recreation' nostalgia, from none other than his close friends Rob McElhenney and Chris Pratt.

Celebrating his 47th year on this Earth, Reynolds was treated to an elaborate surprise that was nothing short of spectacular. McElhenney, 46, took to his social media platforms to share a sneak peek of the grand gesture, drawing fans and followers into the celebration.

"You've seen Ryan and I pull off some pretty elaborate stunts for each other's birthdays, right?" McElhenney playfully quizzed Pratt, 44, in a video clip that quickly captured the attention of social media users worldwide.

"This time around, I've got something even more special in mind - it involves a park," McElhenney hinted, giving a nod to Pratt’s beloved role as Andy Dwyer in the hit NBC series 'Parks and Recreation,' which graced our screens for seven memorable seasons from 2009 to 2015.

The video then transitioned to a revamped version of the 'Parks and Recreation' theme song, showcasing clips of Wrexham, Wales, as opposed to the show's fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana. "Welcome to the Ryan Rodney Reynolds Memorial Park in Wrexham, Wales," McElhenney announced with evident pride, as he envisioned a picturesque setting located on the historic grounds of the former Wrexham Hippodrome.

Wrexham Park: A Hollywood Haven

Reynolds and McElhenny's connection to Wrexham is deep-rooted, as the pair jointly own the local football team, Wrexham AFC. McElhenney went on to share his vision for the park, describing it as a haven with "expansive green spaces, innovative pop-up eateries, cinematic screenings under the stars, quaint benches for leisurely swings, and even a statue—its resemblance to Ryan, open to interpretation." In a playful jab at Reynolds' role in the 2011 film 'Green Lantern,' McElhenney revealed the park would also feature "actual green lanterns," adding a touch of Hollywood flair to the mix.

Never one to be outdone, Reynolds took to his Instagram to express his gratitude and share in the joy, writing, “Parks and Wrex!!! @RobMcElhenney, your ability to get @PrattPrattPratt involved in our ongoing birthday escapades is miraculous.

I’m grateful beyond words”. The actor concluded his heartfelt message with, “You've raised the bar to new heights this time. Here's to looking forward to April,” leaving fans eagerly anticipating McElhenney's response in what has become a beloved birthday tradition between the two stars.

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