Prince William's Visit to Singapore, Irked by Prince Harry’s Netflix Pact

Anticipating a Royal Presence at the Earthshot Prize

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince William's Visit to Singapore, Irked by Prince Harry’s Netflix Pact
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Prince William is preparing for his upcoming journey to Singapore in November, where he will attend the prestigious Earthshot Prize ceremony. This event honours outstanding contributions to resolving global environmental issues.

The Kensington Palace announced that five deserving recipients will be awarded £1 million (S$1.67 million) each for their innovative solutions to pressing ecological challenges. Set to take place on November 7, the event will witness the presence of esteemed activists, policymakers, and inventors, all gathering to celebrate the efforts in environmental preservation.

As the eldest son of King Charles and the direct heir to the British throne, Prince William’s attendance adds a significant level of gravitas to the occasion. The trip, spanning four days, will allow Prince William to engage with entrepreneurs and investors, as well as the finalists and winners of the Earthshot Prize.

“His Royal Highness is looking forward to meeting the people of Singapore and learning more about the incredible work local organizations are doing to protect and restore our planet,” stated Kensington Palace.

The itinerary includes discussions on various topics, from combating illegal wildlife trade and rainforest conservation to fostering innovative environmental solutions.

William's Unsettled Royal Rift

However, amidst the anticipation of this royal visit, sources close to the Palace revealed that Prince William is still angry with his younger brother, Prince Harry, particularly concerning the lucrative Netflix deal that Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, entered into.

This deal led to the creation of the highly controversial ‘Harry & Meghan docuseries, which premiered in December 2022 and featured a series of shocking revelations, including an incident that was interpreted by some as a mockery of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

“William is harbouring anger over several issues related to Harry,” disclosed a source believed to be a close friend of Prince William, as reported by Daily Beast. “His collaboration with Netflix, a platform that has not shied away from exploiting the royal family, is a major point of contention,” the source further added, highlighting the portrayal of Princess Diana in the final season of 'The Crown' as another source of strife.

The upcoming trip, therefore, is not just a diplomatic and environmental mission for Prince William; it also serves as a reminder of the unresolved tensions that continue to linger within the royal family.

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