Russell Crowe Reacts to Gladiator Chocolate Statue

Actor's Artistic Tribute Sparks Joy and Nostalgia in Malta

by Zain ul Abedin
Russell Crowe Reacts to Gladiator Chocolate Statue
© Gabriel Kuchta/Getty Images

Acclaimed actor Russell Crowe has recently taken a moment to express his admiration for an exceptional tribute – a life-sized chocolate sculpture portraying his iconic character Maximus from the blockbuster film, "Gladiator." The renowned actor shared his thoughts and a picture of the sweet masterpiece on X, formerly known as Twitter, capturing the attention of fans and art enthusiasts alike.

Created by the gifted Maltese chocolatier Tiziano Cassar, this edible work of art was a highlight at the Hamrun Chocolate Festival in Malta, drawing crowds and admiration over the weekend. "Some people get statues made of bronze.

Some in marble," Crowe, aged 59, began his heartfelt post. "In Malta, they have made me out of… chocolate!!!" The actor’s enthusiasm didn’t end there. He described the festival as a "beautiful" event, proudly sharing that the artist behind this delectable creation was Tiziano Cassar himself.

Crowe added with a touch of humour, “When the competition is over, I will be available to eat,” showcasing his ability to engage his audience with wit and charm.

Russell Crowe's Endearing Malta Connection

Cassar, honoured by the recognition from Crowe, responded on Facebook, stating, “Honored to be acknowledged by the actor himself.

Looking forward to showcasing the final life-size showpiece tomorrow”. This exchange highlighted the mutual respect between the artist and the actor, creating a buzz on social media that further elevated the event's prominence.

Russell Crowe’s connection to Malta goes beyond this chocolate homage. The actor has always held a special place in his heart for the country since filming "Gladiator" there in 2000. His affection for Malta was evident when he humorously mentioned the possibility of becoming a citizen before a performance with his music band in June.

“There have been discussions on citizenship,” he joked, “I feel like an uncle here and the only reason I speak so positively about Malta is because… it is a fantastic place”. Adding to the excitement, Malta is hosting the production of the highly anticipated "Gladiator" sequel.

The star-studded cast includes big names like Paul Mescal and Denzel Washington, ensuring the island nation remains in the global spotlight. Crowe’s chocolate statue serves as a sweet tribute and a testament to his enduring legacy and the lasting impact of "Gladiator" on popular culture.

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