Is Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Unfairly Damaging King Charles’s Reputation?

Examining 'The Crown's' Impact on Royal Perceptions

by Zain ul Abedin
Is Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Unfairly Damaging King Charles’s Reputation?
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The anticipated release of ‘The Crown’s’ sixth and climactic season is on the horizon, set to grace Netflix’s vast streaming library on November 16. This popular series, while a fictionalized dramatization rooted in the historical events of the British royal family, appears to be casting a shadow of controversy and potential misrepresentation on King Charles.

Jeanie Bond, a seasoned former correspondent for BBC, shared her insights with OK! Magazine, expressing her concern that the forthcoming season could place the royal family’s reputation in a precarious position. Bond highlighted the risk of younger audiences potentially accepting the series' dramatized content as factual history.

Questioning 'The Crown's' Authenticity

“In my professional journey, I've observed that the younger demographic tends to take ‘The Crown’ at face value, believing its narrative to depict reality accurately,” Bond remarked.

She referenced Dominic West, the actor embodying Prince Charles in the series' final two seasons, who previously suggested that the show offers viewers a unique glimpse into the private lives of public figures. However, Bond challenges this notion, asserting, “The reality is, Peter Morgan, the show’s creator, and I are both outsiders to the royal family’s private sphere.

I could perhaps venture a more educated guess, but at the end of the day, it remains speculation”. She continued, questioning the ethical implications of dramatizing sensitive and tumultuous chapters in the lives of living individuals solely for public entertainment.

“For those curious about the royal family’s history during those years, authentic news reports and video footage offer a more reliable source,” she advised. Drawing a parallel with the recent dramatization of Jimmy Savile’s story, Bond acknowledges the disturbing nature of such content but highlights its potential to empower victims to share their stories.

In contrast, she fears ‘The Crown’ may only inflict further pain on the royal family, stating, “The relief for Charles and the entire family will be palpable once this chapter is closed”.

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