How Does Brooklyn Beckham Feel About 'Cooking' Show Backlash?

Delving into Brooklyn Beckham's latest culinary endeavors and passions

by Zain ul Abedin
How Does Brooklyn Beckham Feel About 'Cooking' Show Backlash?
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Brooklyn Beckham, son of the iconic power couple Victoria and David Beckham, has bravely stepped forward to address the constant criticism he has encountered since embarking on his culinary journey. The eldest of the Beckham brood, Brooklyn has faced numerous detractors labelling him a "wannabe chef," yet he remains steadfast and unshaken in his pursuit of culinary excellence.

Speaking candidly in an exclusive interview with Insider, Brooklyn delves into his personal experiences dealing with negativity, "To be completely transparent, I've reached a point where the negativity has become background noise.

I find fulfilment and happiness in cooking, which truly matters to me. There are far more pressing issues in life than some unwarranted comments aimed at bringing me down."

Brooklyn’s Culinary Journey Continues

Brooklyn's culinary adventures were first brought to the public's attention through his Facebook Watch series, "Cookin' With Brooklyn," which debuted in December 2021.

Despite the show having wrapped up its episodes, Brooklyn’s enthusiasm for cooking has not waned; he continues to fervently share his culinary creations and tips with his massive following of 16.3 million on Instagram.

However, not all moments in the spotlight have been smooth sailing for Brooklyn. He recently found himself at the centre of criticism when he uploaded a video demonstrating how he cooks chicken using a seemingly extravagant amount of avocado oil.

Brooklyn stood his ground, explaining his preference for Chosen Foods oil, citing its high smoke point and neutral flavour profile as ideal for frying, particularly during summer. The video showcased Brooklyn meticulously preparing the chicken, first by immersing it in a milk-based concoction, then enveloping it in a blend of flour and spices, before finally submerging it in a generous pool of oil for frying.

Critics were swift in their response, with comments ranging from pointing out the excessive use of oil to addressing the more severe issue of global starvation and the ethics of food consumption.

Followers React to Brooklyn’s Cooking

“One user expressed their disbelief, stating, "That’s a tremendous amount of oil,” while another took a more global perspective, remarking, “There are individuals worldwide suffering from starvation, and here you are using resources that could sustain many.

It’s hard to believe you comprehend the gravity of this situation." Another follower succinctly quantified the extravagance, noting, "That’s at least $25 worth of avocado oil right there." Despite the backlash, Brooklyn remains positive and continues to channel his energy into his passion for cooking.

His story serves as a testament to the power of resilience, demonstrating that even in the face of adversity, one can remain true to their passions and persevere.

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