John Stamos Reveals Shocking Love Triangle Drama in Upcoming Memoir

Unexpected Twists Unfold in Stamos's Nostalgic Narrative

by Nouman Rasool
John Stamos Reveals Shocking Love Triangle Drama in Upcoming Memoir
© Michael Tullberg/GettyImages

In an explosive revelation from his soon-to-be-released memoir, "If You Would Have Told Me," John Stamos opens up about a painful chapter from his past, detailing an alleged affair between his former girlfriend and actor Tony Danza during the 1980s.

Stamos, who later rose to stardom with his iconic role in "Full House," takes his readers back to a turbulent time in his life, offering an intimate glimpse into a deeply passionate yet ultimately tumultuous relationship with actress Teri Copley.

Stamos’s narrative transports us to the mid-'80s, setting the stage for this dramatic episode. He describes the initial bliss and deep connection he shared with Copley, only to watch it unravel as her behavior began to shift drastically about a year into their relationship.

She grew increasingly distant, and her evasiveness raised Stamos’s suspicions, prompting him to take matters into his own hands.

Stamos's Shocking Surprise Visit

In a bold move driven by instinct, Stamos decided to surprise Copley while on a tour break, an action that led him to a scene reminiscent of a Hollywood script.

He was met with the shocking sight of Tony Danza, in a state of undress, allegedly passed out in Copley’s bed. Stamos details the sequence of events with vivid imagery, from the initial shock of discovering Danza’s vintage Porsche in the parking lot, to the heart-wrenching moment he found Copley in bed with another man.

The emotional turmoil is palpable as he describes this as his "worst nightmare" realized. In the aftermath, Stamos stumbled upon a poster of Teri, bearing her signature and a heartfelt message to Tony, solidifying his suspicions and finally revealing the identity of the man in Teri’s bed – Tony Danza himself.

This story is poised to capture the attention of readers and fans alike, as Stamos lays bare a chapter of his life marked by betrayal and heartache. The candidness with which he shares this personal ordeal underscores the authenticity of his narrative, promising a memoir filled with raw emotion and unfiltered truths.