King Charles Must Act for Meghan After Regal Struggles

Daniela Elser critiques royal traditions in new commentary

by Zain ul Abedin
King Charles Must Act for Meghan After Regal Struggles
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In a compelling editorial, renowned royal expert Daniela Elser insists that King Charles needs to up his game when it comes to supporting Meghan Markle, particularly in the light of her challenging experience with the royal institution.

Published on, Elser delves into the anticipated portrayal of Princess Diana in the upcoming season of Netflix's "The Crown." The new season, generating considerable buzz, is set to introduce a ghostly appearance of the People's Princess.

The spectral Diana is expected to interact with key figures, including her former husband Charles and the late Queen Elizabeth. Amidst this backdrop, Elser makes a pointed critique against Buckingham Palace for their inability to adapt and support incoming royal brides like Meghan Markle.

She writes, "The portrayal of Diana by actress Debicki lays bare a troubling truth: Despite decades passing since Diana's fateful journey on the Al-Fayed's yacht Jonikal, Buckingham Palace remains stubbornly resistant to change, failing to adequately support new royal brides as they step into the crucible of public life."

Monarchy's Resistance to Change

The commentator passionately speaks to her profound disappointment with the monarchy's "inflexible refusal" to implement "necessary modifications" that could better the lives of its family members.

"The institution's aversion to change," she argues, "serves as a formidable obstacle for newcomers like Meghan Markle, who find themselves navigating a complex and sometimes hostile environment without adequate assistance." As for what Princess Diana would have thought about her son, Prince Harry, and daughter-in-law Meghan's bombshell departure from royal duties in 2020, Elser leaves us with a thought-provoking question.

Would Diana have been proud of their bold exit, furious at the palace's inaction, mournful, or perhaps a blend of these emotions? In sum, Daniela Elser makes an urgent plea to King Charles: As the head of a monarchical system steeped in tradition yet fraught with modern challenges, it's high time to break from the inertia and offer more substantial support to Meghan Markle.

After all, if history teaches us anything, neglecting to adapt could have detrimental consequences for the monarchy itself.

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