Bad Bunny's Surprise SNL Cameos: Jagger & Gaga

Iconic Musicians Shine in Surprise SNL Cameos

by Zain ul Abedin
Bad Bunny's Surprise SNL Cameos: Jagger & Gaga
© Harry How/Getty Images Entertainment

Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga, two iconic figures from the world of music, lit up the stage at Studio 8H in a memorable Saturday Night Live (SNL) episode on Saturday, October 21, hosted by the talented Bad Bunny. This electrifying event unfolded following their earlier appearance together onstage at Racket NYC in Manhattan, where they had already set the entertainment world abuzz.

First in the spotlight was Mick Jagger, the legendary rock icon at 80. He made a surprise appearance in a hilarious sketch set in a Spanish soap opera scene where Bad Bunny played a villainous character who comically slapped his on-screen brother repeatedly.

As the scene unfolded, Jagger entered the stage in a dashing white suit and a comical fake moustache, ultimately revealing himself as the father of the two quarrelling brothers. The comedic climax occurred when Jagger's character, with his signature flair, slapped both of his sons, eliciting laughter from the SNL audience.

Following Jagger's uproarious cameo, it was Lady Gaga's turn to shine. After a commercial break, she graced the stage to introduce Bad Bunny for his first musical performance of the night. Known for her incredible talent and show-stopping presence, the 37-year-old Gaga took the spotlight with grace and style.

She adorned herself in a black leather blazer jacket embellished with shimmering strings and matching pants. Her blond hair was elegantly pulled back in a bun, and she added a touch of mystique with her black shades.

SNL's Legendary Lineup

This cameo appearance marked a significant return for Lady Gaga to the SNL stage, as it had been seven years since her last appearance on the show, back on October 22, 2016, when she served as a musical guest during an episode hosted by Tom Hanks.

Her return was a momentous occasion for her fans and the SNL audience, reminding everyone of her enduring star power and talent. In addition to the star-studded cameos, the night's main attraction was Bad Bunny, born as Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio.

He took the stage with a high-energy performance of his latest hit, "UN PREVIEW," released just a month prior. The Puerto Rican rapper's electrifying performance and the surprise appearances of Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga made this particular SNL episode an unforgettable night in the entertainment world.

The collaboration between these music legends and the rising star of Bad Bunny created an evening of entertainment that left fans and viewers eagerly anticipating future surprises on the SNL stage. It was a night that showcased these iconic artists' enduring appeal and talent, leaving a lasting impression in the world of music and comedy.