John Legend Marks 10th Anniversary with Teigen: 'Magical'

Power couple shares heartfelt moments from a decade together

by Zain ul Abedin
John Legend Marks 10th Anniversary with Teigen: 'Magical'
© Paras Griffin/Getty Images

In an exquisite blend of love and longevity, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen recently marked a significant milestone: a decade of wedded bliss. The power couple, who exchanged vows in 2013, commemorated their 10th anniversary in a grand celebration that was nothing short of magical.

In a heartwarming conversation with People Magazine, the "All of Me" singer opened up about the extraordinary occasion, sharing that it was “extraordinary” and filled with profound reflections on their journey together.

“We took the time to write heartfelt speeches, delving deep into our decade of marriage and the beautiful family we’ve nurtured,” Legend expressed with evident enthusiasm. The 44-year-old musical maestro didn’t hesitate to express how this milestone has been a momentous chapter in their lives.

“We’re reliving those precious moments, as I’m putting together a little book with our favorite photos to commemorate the event,” he revealed. “It truly was a magical time”.

Legend-Teigen Anniversary: A Family Affair

The celebrated couple, whose love story has captivated the hearts of millions, are proud parents to four adorable children: Luna Simone (7), Miles Theodore (5), Esti Maxine (10 months), and Wren Alexander (4 months).

Legend highlighted the poignant realization of how their lives have transformed since their wedding day. “The presence of our four kids at the anniversary celebration was incredibly moving. It brought a wave of emotions, making the event even more special,” he added.

In an interview last month, Teigen, the 37-year-old former Victoria’s Secret model, mirrored her husband’s sentiments, confessing that the celebration was unexpectedly emotional yet profoundly beautiful. “The day was filled with abundant love, and I couldn’t feel more fortunate.

It was unbelievably sweet and simply amazing,” she shared. As they enter another decade of togetherness, Legend and Teigen’s love story continues to inspire, proving that true love stands the test of time. Their grand anniversary celebration serves as a testament to their enduring love, a love that has grown and evolved, embracing every change and challenge along the way.