King Charles Narrowly Escapes Matrimonial Ties with TV Star Cousin

Princess Olga unpacks historic family marriage ideals.

by Nouman Rasool
King Charles Narrowly Escapes Matrimonial Ties with TV Star Cousin
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In the world of royal unions and traditional matchmaking, unexpected match proposals often make headlines. Such was the case with King Charles and his third cousin, TV sensation Princess Olga Romanoff. Diving deep into her family's past, Princess Olga recently revealed intriguing details about her mother's ambitions to wed her to the then Prince Charles.

During an exclusive with Fox News Digital, Princess Olga shed light on these revelations. While many might find the idea of arranged marriages to close relatives perplexing, Olga took it in stride. "It didn't horrify me," she commented, showing a deep understanding of her mother's mindset.

"I knew what my mother was like."

Olga Reveals Matrimonial Criteria

Delving into her mother's reasoning, Olga shared that her primary checkboxes for an ideal husband included a distinguished title and substantial wealth.

It was her mother's steadfast belief that these elements were pivotal for a prosperous and happy life. And, in a time when young women often had their futures dictated by societal norms and familial expectations, this aspiration was hardly a deviation from the norm.

Interestingly, despite her rise to fame in the realm of reality TV, Princess Olga's destiny might have been intertwined with royalty in a more personal manner. Her mother once contemplated uniting her with Queen Elizabeth II's eldest son, the heir apparent, Prince Charles.

Given the weight of such a match, one might assume Olga would have been overwhelmed. Yet, she radiated a sense of relief that the proposal never saw the light of day. "Luckily, the poor man had a very good escape," she mused.

Drawing a curtain on what could have been, Princess Olga opined that such a marriage would undoubtedly have posed challenges. Especially for Prince Charles, a match with a rising TV star and distant cousin might have added more complexities to an already intricate royal life. As the tale unfolds, one can't help but wonder about the 'what ifs' in the grand tapestry of royal relationships.

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